27 October 2009 1 Comment

Think of Your Body as a Pet

Years of experience helping people to learn what and how to eat have shown me that we people tend to expect our bodies to respond differently than animals do to what we eat and drink. This expectation is not a conscious belief but a way of living.

DogYou probably know exactly what gives your dog gas, your horse a bellyache, or makes your cat’s coat dull instead of shiny. For a fun change of perspective, try on thinking of your body as a pet.

Extend the care and intelligence your pets enjoy to your own body. This exercise increases objectivity. Your body IS an animal in your care! Thinking this way makes it easier to step away from cravings, habits, and emotional impulses that drive so much of our eating.

We know the basics for care, but it feels different to do them if you are thinking of your body as a pet. The same things you do for your pet will keep You healthy:

  • Walk your body regularly. It needs to get out and move.
  • Pay attention to the way it reacts to what you feed it
  • Plan to have available a supply of the food it needs
  • Pay attention to body cues that rest is needed
  • Make sure it has fresh water
  • Give it love
  • Give it the kindness of touch or massage
  • Notice when it wants to play
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  1. Michele Marie 26 November 2009 at 12:19 pm #

    Useful and precious advise. Thank you!

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