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What IS Positive Energy? Part 8: Hyper-Positive Posturing, Part 3

Hyper-positive postures often spring up from exposure to popularized belief systems. Catchy insights or techniques are taken out of context from the entirety of the teaching.

Initially, taking on the new beliefs represents an exciting period of rapid personal growth and insight. As Sept 07 Alberta 5 223a belief system forms it is a force for Awakening. As soon as we crystalize and codify it into set ways we have to BE, the very tenants that promoted growth and insight essentially entrap the soul in a web of assumptions and opinions. Discovery and Awakening have been replaced by codified behavior.

This rapid growth spurt calls to mind over-fertilized plants. Plants that receive chemical fertilizers lack the micronutrients and microorganisms that occur with nutrients in nature. They grow rapidly but the growth is weak and flimsy, breaking easily because the cell structures are not adequately supported. These sappy plants attract insects and require pesticides. Organic structures are much stronger, support themselves effectively, and draw fewer insects.

Expansion without the balancing force of contraction can lead to debt, inflation, weight-gain, weakness, and so forth.

We need limits, boundaries, and contrast to create resilient structures and beliefs that weather the vicissitudes of life.

Part of being positive is learning to recognize and accept our limitations, even as we seek to move beyond them.

Nothing is “wrong”with hyper-positive behavior. It is a resting place along The Path. Limited growth is available in all stuck states, whether our defenses are hyper-positive, overtly negative, or overly rational to the point of being cut off from feeling. At some life junctures, limited growth and the feeling of safety and validation provided by limiting beliefs may be all we can manage.

States of balance, grace, joy, clarity, discernment, wisdom, love, peace, and ease thrive on perspective. We do not attain them by avoiding life but by learning to be strong yet flexible in the midst of life. Staking a tree tightly so wind cannot move it keeps its root system from developing to support it against wind. Bouts of experience with difficult states and emotions develop depth of soul when we can successfully navigate them.

Thomas Moore, a theologian, gracefully addresses and goes so far as to extol the value of periods of depression or insanity in his classic book, “Care of the Soul.”

The biblical words “Resist not evil”do not mean to get involved with it. They point to the fact that resistance is an energetic form of involvement. Resistance is attachment. A positive focus does not offer resistance. The most powerful creative states generate intention and focus attention without reference to opposites. This is different from denying or resisting the opposites.

Another spiritual leader, Meher Baba said, “Let despair and disappointment ravage the garden of your heart. You will revivify it once again with the seedlings of self-sufficiency and contentment.” He went on to add, “Life never is, never was, and never will be anybody’s Beloved.”

This quote is strong medicine–but useful for the times we are living in, when structures we have built up seem like so many card houses. We are bigger than what we build! The quote points to the fact that allowing ourselves to feel even the most difficult of feelings leads to a re-enlivening of the heart, and a resurrection of inner strength. Holding in and holding back powerful feeling can dull the heart and waste the precious moments we share on this green planet.

Through storms and disease I lost the four largest trees around my home. It took time, but I am finally happy Sept 07 Alberta 5 131to nurture young trees, taking delight in their growth instead of merely missing the stately trees I enjoyed before. We cannot stop life from offering disappointments. What we can do is to keep our hearts alive by accepting pain. We can practice gratitude and stay open to delight. And we can keep planting.

The poet and master Rumi said, when you go into the river to avoid the fire you find yourself standing in the flames. And when you walk directly into flames you find yourself floating in cool water.
(If you know the location or title of this poem please let me know.)

“What YOU’RE looking for is unendurable pleasure, indefinitely prolonged!” Sufi Leader Joe Miller

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  1. Greg 29 October 2010 at 9:06 am #


    What you have written seems to be the undeniable truth about life, if one chooses the path of growth and vision for one’s life. Not the road well traveled but one of adventure, excitement, and learning.

    Life has given me those choices and I tend to head out on the path more and more for the adventure of growth and learning.

    Thank you for your great insights.


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