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What IS Positive Energy? Part 5: What Are You Ready to Receive?

What we perceive and experience as positive depends on what we are ready to receive. Has someone ever loved you more than your self-esteem could tolerate? It’s an awkward and painful experience bumping up against the parts of us that feel unworthy.

Sept 07 Alberta 3 103How difficult it generally is for many of us to be around people we love and admire without feeling keenly our own limitations and inadequacies! And this is just the psycho-social part. Add intense influxes of positive energy and these challenges are intensified.

Straight-on energy of divine love can be unendurable for long periods unless one has done a great deal of Inner Work. The same super-positive energy that in small doses makes followers blissful can bring about excruciatingly painful states in large doses.

I have witnessed secretaries and assistants to high-energy, advanced spiritual leaders. Behind the scenes these support staff were at times in tears as intense spiritual energy penetrated the darkness of their deepest issues, bringing these to light. Ego and identity limitations arise and begin to crumble. This was a totally positive thing—but painful.

Interaction with highly-charged spiritual people over periods of time when they are not presenting to the public is enlightening. They can be tiger-intense and passionately challenging. They may slay your sacred cows, disrupt your sense of identity, and make silly human mistakes. Their energy is highly positive. This does NOT mean that what comes up inside you will feel good. Even loving monks and rinpoches tire of the saccharine assumptions of overly serious followers. I have heard of them hiding water pistols in their robes and shooting followers mid-question to break up rigidity.

Ideals meant to inspire can stimulate a backlash of feeling wrong or bad when we cannot live up to them. Sept 07 Alberta 3 102Ego-surges of righteous pride can crop up when feel proud about what we know. Whether or not we experience one as negative and the other as positive, both tendencies are obstacles to an Awakened state. And both tendencies can be used to Wake Up through self-observation. Skill at neutral observation is essential to access non-ego states of awareness–which are supremely positive; blissful.

During lengthy life phases of full involvement and conviction in specific mystical orders and spiritual groups I made it a practice in my professional life to prevent imposing personal beliefs and convictions on clients. Belief systems are highly personal and can also be fragile.

Through the internet we now receive thousands of messages that tell us what to believe. These messages come whether or not we are ready to take them in and think them out. More than ever before we have access to different beliefs and can choose input that resonates with our inner knowing.

What are YOU ready and able to receive and integrate?

What brings you the most personal sense of meaning and purpose? What makes that positive?

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2 Responses to “What IS Positive Energy? Part 5: What Are You Ready to Receive?”

  1. Greg 8 October 2010 at 8:43 am #

    What Am I ready to recieve and integrate? Good question, I have asked in the past To bring it on and have had to deal with tremendous amounts of positive energy that creates hugh changes. In reality many small changes at once. It can be both physicaly and emotionally challenging to handle it all at once. Integrating the energy has been a life long process for me and a difficult one most of the time.

    What brings me the most personal satisfaction is knowing that I am becoming more intuitive and when I use my intuitve consciousness I always get a positve pay off. When I question that process I usually geta negative outcome.

    That inner knowing that I can trust, makes life worth living and going deeper into who I am the treasure I search for daily.

    Thank You,

    • Teresa Dietze 24 October 2010 at 3:38 pm #

      Yes, it’s challenging. Have we got anything better or more rewarding to do?

      I too love the “payoff” of becoming more intuitive, and learning to trust that more deeply.

      I like the grounded, day-to-day way you process and describe these things, led by experience instead of concepts, and your dedication to your on-going process. Thank you for this Work–it serves All.

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