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Managing Your Energy, Part #58: Do We Have a Civic Duty to Speak Up?

“Right and wrong depend upon attitude and situation, not upon the action.” ~ Inayat Khan

Some spiritual schools encourage students to remain together in situations that spawn conflict. Aspirants develop by finding some way to come to real peace while remaining in relationship with the people around them.

As a powerful person who tends to speak out, I still suffer when I step on someone’s toes. Some years back I went so far as to bring this up with one of the world’s top humanistic astrologers. I wanted to start this blog, and was worried that I might offend people. I asked him to look at my chart and tell me how I could step into a more public view without evoking irritation or causing distress.

His response shocked me. He said that waking people up–even to the extent of being somewhat abrasive–is part of my purpose on the planet. He went on to say that the problem was not that I stir things up, but that I feel bad about it afterward. He cited this backlash of oversensitivity as the problem, not boldly expressing my views. He went on to mention people who enjoy celebrity status precisely FOR the kind of behaviors I was hoping to eradicate.

The more powerful we become and the more developed we are, the more our actions require balance, compassion, and discernment. Since I believe that it is important to speak out and do not have a thick skin, I must develop mastery.

I believe in feedback. I believe that if we all speak our objections, respectfully, when companies act in ways that cause large numbers of people unnecessary stress, that this will eventually a difference. I believe that P1140304when a company or an individual acts in ways that are offensive, we serve others by speaking up. Participation and involvement are important, and can be civic-minded.

We have different natures. We are not called upon to act identically. The saint accepts everything without complaint. In contrast, those on a path of mastery seek to adapt the world to the highest common denominator. Both paths are valid.

I do not believe in moving to the lowest common denominator to keep an awkward semblance of harmony when I might be able to inspire or create something greater.

Some may say it is arrogance to think we can know what this may be, but I will say this is the way the world goes round and how we learn. I seek to move from my heart instead of imposing some idea out of a mental judgement or a false sense of superiority; to remain in a spirit of unity and service. I would rather make mistakes than to fail to act when I am moved to do so.

I don’t want to burn myself out with the ‘unreachable dream’ racket. I aim to move from inspiration, not compulsion. I want to be lucid about what is mine to do and what is not.

I do not believe in cookie-cutter solutions that rely on rules instead. In addition to the particulars of the moment, whether or not our actions are of benefit depends on:

—our motivations
—whether we are acting from strength or from perceived weakness
—our willingness to self observe
—how successfully we can stay in our hearts
—the physiology, tensions, and conditions that influence our body language
—how skillfully we have apprehended the actual situation
—the exact timing of our actions
—the capacity of others to respond within this timing

I believe that the world is a better place when we bring forth our authentic voice and contribute our views–with the caveat that we do so as kindly as we are able.

What do YOU believe?

What is our civic responsibility?

What is our spiritual responsibility?

When and how is helping wake one another up part of our karmic purpose?

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7 Responses to “Managing Your Energy, Part #58: Do We Have a Civic Duty to Speak Up?”

  1. Therese 21 August 2015 at 8:09 am #

    I believe my intention is everything. I believe, as long as my intentions are from a place of love, I will not do harm. I also believe I am not responsible for other people’s reactions. I use to believe I was responsible for the world and everything that happened within it; it’s how I was raised. So, this belief I currently live by is new and takes thought to make sure I come from a place of love. I do find myself backpedaling to avoid hurting others feelings. I’m learning to let that go and let others take responsibility for themselves. After all, if I take responsibility for others, aren’t I denying them the chance to live and learn in their own lives? I’m acting as if they need me to take care of them. That’s actually insulting them and not coming from a place of love.

    My purpose is to live my life and be an example. I don’t know what is best for others. I’m lucky to know what is best for me. If someone can learn from my life, great! Take what you can and leave the rest. It’s really all I have to offer anyone. Maybe my views will change once I’ve had some time alone and regenerated my energy. Right now, I find myself withdrawing into Nature and myself more and more. Today, I noticed I am losing any desire to even observe others drama. It’s a new level of weirdness for me.

    With Love,

    • Kelly 21 August 2015 at 1:14 pm #

      Therese- ‘I believe, as long as my intentions are from a place of love, I will not do harm.’

      I’m going to risk poking into this, not to harm but to explore.

      We are all so very very different and as I mentioned in another post, even if we come from love it may go to hell and harm. A simple example is cultural differences in gestures. What is warm and inviting in the US may be a signal of disrespect elsewhere. The love aspect becomes meaningless in that case except that you may feel aligned within.

      Separating love from guidance (internally and extrrnally) is important and discerning the type of love is important too. Sometimes love is a punch in the face to snap you out of your own stupid situation. That love has been enacted upon me and as harsh as the moment can feel, it saved me from going forward in a way that was not good for me. I needed a smack down. I could have gone on indefinitely had someone not loved me enough to hurt me for just a moment. It takes a skilled knife to cut properly and a glancing blow to allow someone to keep moving.

      That is not what I am doing here. I’m trying to open and explore this idea of love as a driver for deciding what to do verses guidance, which can be a form of love that does not look kind or loving in an interpersonal regard.

      Any thoughts?

      And I agree, you are only responsible to yourself and your maker as are others. I have no idea how many lifetimes it took me to realize this so I have to let others be too…unless asked or really compelled.

      We are each a boomerang losses out, sure to return, but with our own journey alongside others.


      • Therese 21 August 2015 at 1:52 pm #

        In the next post you write, “My only resolution is that I can really only ever be right with me and to focus just there and again, let go of the outcome.” I think this sums up where I stand on the questions you asked. Yes, I can offend unintentionally. Yes, I will probably never know all cultures. I apologize for none of that and I don’t apologize for unintentional insults. If people want to get upset, kill me, whatever then that is what they need to do. Since I don’t believe in death, except of the body, I’m good with whatever happens.

        I probably come across as cavalier. Maybe I am. I am tired of trying to please everyone and actually pleasing no one so I’m focused on pleasing me. Let the chips fall where they may. I’m good with all of it.

        With Love,

      • Teresa Dietze 21 August 2015 at 7:11 pm #

        I like the discernment between love (types of) and Guidance. This is very important to me, and in practice, it is the pivotal issue. Guidance requires detachment.

        There is a world of difference between imposing into the lives of others while fanning our favorite notions of love and acting in alignment with Guidance. In the former, we may make assumptions and error. Upon reflection we may find that a notion of love, however sincere, does not mean the other person will experience our acts as loving. In the later, whether or not the results are comfortable, we feel that what ensues is a part of our learning or somehow purposeful.



  2. Kelly 21 August 2015 at 12:50 pm #

    Oh Crap.

    This is where things become maddening impossible unless you really can attune deep within and get right with yourself then let go of the outcome. Letting go of the outcome is the focal point for me. I am not unlike you and know how painful it is to be ‘me’ and sometimes feel like a puppet fearful of how I’ll be used. But there are things to realize in terms of a past remark about over reach. Developing the ability to recognize an opening and getting through it verses a closed door is also necessary. So align with yourself then be able to discern if or when to move the material but be willing to let it be. I don’t know that we are always to act, even if kindly.

    And then we all benefit from realizing that we all have many dimensions and that what we feel compelled to say may be useful for a higher part of the person or group than what is directly interfacing with us. So rejection now by this level but absorption later in a deeper realm that may filter down. Years later you get a nod.

    My only resolution is that I can really only ever be right with me and to focus just there and again, let go of the outcome.

    I suffer too from wanting ‘the highest best for the most’ scenario and have to balance self interest while mindful that I may have to sacrifice some higher dimension goal to survive this lower dimension moment.

    You have to be able to deal with suffering and if you are taken down by it, as I can be, you have your own open wounds and suffering to close up yet.


    • Teresa Dietze 21 August 2015 at 7:31 pm #

      Phew . . . Yes, I’m currently in a tornado of being used by a group for something very difficult, to which I did not knowingly volunteer. I certainly know the pain of which you speak. I sense that in years ahead there will be a nod. Meanwhile, every wound has come up–and yet I feel I shall prevail in an entirely new way. I hope to close such wounds in the process. And for the first time I have the inestimable blessing of the support of the people I hold in the highest respect. This feels like some type of initiation.

      I may say more later, but it’s too soon. I wasn’t planning to say this much. It is interesting, though, that the themes we have been exploring, which will require a few more posts, have blown up into a larger context. It is as if the situation is a further extension of the learning I was working on so diligently.

      Interesting . . . .



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