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Manage Your Energy Part 84: “Can You Tell What I Am Thinking?” Ethics & Intuition

A housecleaner was leaving my home after his second visit. At the door, we were conversing about whether or not to reschedule. I said, “To be perfectly frank, I like your work and feel you are reliable, but I need to adjust to you being in the house. You have really big energy, and I find myself having trouble concentrating. Perhaps I can do errands when you’re here. Of course I couldn’t do that the first time, but now that you know the house, something like that could work.” 

“Can you tell what I am thinking?” he asked, suddenly and baldly. I smiled and he went on: “I mean, I suppose I do notice energy to some extent—but I’m used to being around people who don’t notice that type Version 2of thing.”

“I get the impression,” I said gently, “that you have had some experience of being invaded by other people.”

“Oh yes! When haven’t I been invaded?!”

“Lots of us have that experience. It’s more normal than you would think. Take, for example, being a teenager and coming home two hours after curfew. You put your hand on the door and most people know at that point who is awake and whether or not they are in trouble. That’s feeling energy.”

“Sure. I did that.”

“It sounds like you are fairly sensitive to energy.”

“I think I may be, but I haven’t really thought about it that much, and I’m not sure I always know what I’m noticing.”

“My friend who was visiting today scanned you when you came in. I think that may have made you uncomfortable.” He shifted around on his feet. “She’s young yet, and doesn’t realize that it’s invasive to scan someone. Here’s how it works: Some things are in the public space and some are in private space. It’s okay to ‘read’ anything someone puts into the public mind-space. It’s not okay to go into their private mind-space without permission.”

He was looking at me, engaged, taking it in.

“Say you are sitting at a table reading a newspaper. If I walk by and I see the major headlines on the outside, that’s normal and acceptable. I may notice but not really try to read the fairly large headings. I do not sit down or bend over and read the articles. It is a violation for me to come around to the side of the paper you are on and read things without your permission. That is how it works. So: I don’t really pay any attention to what you are thinking. It’s not my business—and it takes work to read it.”

The housecleaner looked relieved and we went on to handle scheduling.

I found the encounter interesting because he was forthright about what he needed to know, and asked directly. For every one like him there are likely to be thirty who will not know how to ask, and a few hundred to whom the concept doesn’t even occur, or who shut down their thoughts and feelings about it before they become aware of them.

How do YOU feel when someone scans you?

If you scan other people, do you use any ethical or practical guidelines?

Do you believe that there is or should be an ethic about scanning other people?

If so, what feels right to you and why?

Here’s an old joke: Two psychics were walking down the street. They stopped, smiled, looked one another up and down, and one said, “You’re fine! How am I?”

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5 Responses to “Manage Your Energy Part 84: “Can You Tell What I Am Thinking?” Ethics & Intuition”

  1. Therese 4 June 2016 at 7:44 am #

    Animals scan as part of who they are so I’m used to being scanned. Of course I’m really open as well. Though there are times when I am not open at all and a person would have to have the abilities of an animal to know how I feel. Of course, if someone is that sensitive, it’s unlikely they are any more dangerous to me than an animal so I’m unlikely to be protecting myself around them. That may sound convoluted so, if you need clarification, ask.

    I don’t intentionally scan people. I don’t listen to what someone is thinking/feeling on purpose. The only exception is during a client session but I communicate through their Guides so I’m still not going through the person. There are definitely times I hear what people are thinking but it’s because they are saying it so loudly and clearly I can’t help but hear. Usually I’m not even looking at them so I don’t realize they didn’t say it out loud. Yes, I hear the words in their voice.

    Sure there are ethics around scanning. Ethical people, who are secure in themselves, automatically act ethically. Others aren’t going to be swayed by my opinion. Most people who are even remotely secure with themselves and their abilities don’t even want to be in someone else’s head.

    With Love,

    • Teresa Dietze 14 June 2016 at 4:15 pm #

      Great point about animals!

      Also a good description of hearing what people are projecting out with their outer thoughts. In a fiction book I recently listened to, attending to the thoughts people put out into ‘public space’ was okay, and entering into their ‘private space’ was not. You are describing the same thing.

      As to your last paragraph, I feel that is an over-simplification–although you definitely have a point. I observe that a good-sized percentage of people dwell in the gray area of not being clearly defined for themselves, or perhaps they have not been exposed to clear thinking about specific ethics. Some are ready and willing to take in information and use it. (If I wasn’t an idealist I’d have to give up writing.)

      Ha! So true–your last comment. 🙂



      • Therese 14 June 2016 at 7:59 pm #

        I think Jen’s question addresses the point I was making about ethical people. They want to do what’s right for themselves and others. Those are the people who will ask questions, read, and are willing to learn in a way that doesn’t violate others. People don’t realize they can practice with animals. I find animals the best way to learn because there’s no question of ethics and total honesty from the animals. They will communicate if you are honest and quit communicating if you are dishonest. Great teachers!

        Unethical people don’t care about ethics, don’t care about my opinion which is what I meant about not being swayed. Your posts speak to ethical people. Unethical people probably don’t follow you. I don’t believe unethical people are unable to change but, again, they have to do inner work to let go of the reasons behind their lack of caring about ethics.

        Thank you for getting me to think through my thoughts more clearly.

        With Love,

  2. Jennifer Hammill 12 June 2016 at 11:17 pm #

    Hey — what about those of us who want to be able to scan with something lots greater than the tiny bit I can sense now? Or communicate thru the other person’s guides?

    • Teresa Dietze 14 June 2016 at 4:17 pm #

      Hmm. What about? I’d love to answer your question, Jenn, but I’m not sure what you’re asking. Are you asking how to develop your abilities? The Guidance and Inner Work series, in that order, address that terrain.



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