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Life Purpose, Part 14: Ways to Contribute

Here is a wide range of examples of meaningful ways to contribute. Mix and match:

Does your vision of making a difference include political impact?

  • Canvass for a congressperson or someone running for office
  • Get signatures for an initiative
  • Volunteer at a caucus

Are you passionate about world welfare?

  • Join the Peace Corps
  • Help with Doctors Without Borders
  • Raise awareness about important issues

Do you want to help the Earth?

  • Support an environmental cause
  • Set up a living will that supports old growth forests
  • Send healing energy to problem areas
  • Give up using plastic bottles

Do you want to help people?

  • Support your neighbors with earthquake or emergency planning
  • Volunteer at a hospital, food bank, or crisis line
  • Serve in a soup kitchen
  • Get involved with Kiva, for microloans to those in need in other countries
  • Read to the people or play music at a senior center
  • Become a Big Brother or Big Sister
  • Learn conflict mediation

Do you love animals?

  • Volunteer or get a job at an animal shelter
  • Take care of strays or find homes for them
  • Adopt Greyhounds that used to race

Do you want to develop your energy, or support others through energy?

  • Learn and practice Qi Gong or other techniques to balance, tune, and strengthen your energy
  • Learn energy medicine or go to practitioners who use it
  • Send the energy of love and support to people and nations under duress

Are you inspired to develop your own or other people’s ability to experience peace and states of grace?

  • Meditate
  • Practice watching your breath
  • Practice random acts of kindness
  • Express your love

Are you in a partnership?

  • Ask your partner what you can do to improve your relationship
  • Offer to take a chore off your partner’s plate when s/he is overwhelmed
  • Spend half a day a month doing anything you have avoided that your partner wants you to do

Do you read this blog?

  • Work intentionally with the questions.
  • Please pass my posts to people who will benefit from them. They take about 7 hours each, and I’d like to see them serving lives!

Here is a loving conversation that occurred between two friends:

Becky told Karen, “I get the impression you have something important to do in the world.”

“Thank you.”

“I’m just a piano teacher,” Becky said. Her tone implied that she could not be important or make a large contribution in this role.

“Stop!,” said Karen. “It’s not about ego; it’s about Path. Don’t minimize who you are and what you do! You are awake and aware. You are touching all the people you work with. Your purpose is just as big as mine—it’s your energy and love. That’s the gift. For all you know you could be teaching the next Beethoven!”

Karen went on to say, “I used to think I would Save the World. I now understand that we can help the world, improve and impact the world. That’s heart. SAVE the world? That’s bravado. No one person can save the world. We can only save ourselves, and help impact those who appear on our path. –And you’re doing it.”

Dive heart first into life! (Comment credit to Evelyn Roberts.)

What are YOUR favorite ways to help, improve, or impact your world?

What do you get out of it?

Great Christmas Gift idea! Simple but potent tools effectively clear out unpleasant energy & promote higher awareness.

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4 Responses to “Life Purpose, Part 14: Ways to Contribute”

  1. Greg 26 November 2011 at 9:22 am #


    I would say that I do work on myself, Qi Gong and at the same time it does help the planet. By supporting a calm and focused energy for both.

    It is always deifficult to really know if it is helpful for the planet and it would great to know how many people through there personal practices planet wide, how that is effecting the planetary energy.

    Thank you

    • Teresa Dietze 26 November 2011 at 11:12 am #


      That calm, focused energy feeds you.

      With respect to the second paragraph, I’m thinking a few things. We want to know, cognitively. When we take the question closer to home we can see the difference in the way we treat others and how they feel about us. It is safe to assume that at least to some extent they impact those they connect with. This is on the exoteric level.

      In my healing practice I see enormous changes in health, sensation, perception, emotion, mobility, pain level, etc. from energy interventions. When one’s energy fields shift in obvious ways very quickly and they feel better, from thought and intention without touch, we know we have impact.

      Remember a decade or two back when doing yoga or meditation were considered fringe? Now that’s pretty much mainstream. That change happened by lots of people focusing on it and bringing it forward.

      True that the immediate energy effects of personal practice, via direct connection, are hard to quantify. Think of the way animals or children respond to good energy and remember that it keeps going out like sound and light do. 🙂


  2. Greg 29 November 2011 at 8:25 am #


    Thank you for giving me some clear guidance on the effects of energy work and how it effects others.

    You are right about yoga and meditation it is very mainstream, these days!

    Thank you

  3. Leah 29 November 2011 at 4:47 pm #

    I have really pondered this “great mission” idea. I think I am coming back to my earlier assertion. The world is WAAAY to big, as a whole, but the little ripples we all create, like Greg with the Qi Gong and so forth we are ‘saving’ the world, just not calling press conferances to do it. 🙂

    I think attempting to “wake” ourselves is one of the best things both personally and externally for the planet. This, I think is more than enough for me.

    T this is a great thread and certainly giving me much food for thought. I am grateful as always.

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