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Managing Your Energy Part 89, Contemplating the Solar Plexus, Part 2

Combined and fluid approaches to development work better in the long run than trying to make something particular happen with your will. We need to feel and sense what we are in the moment to succeed instead of imposing a particular idea. The urge to impose an idea on ourselves usually comes from an ego-based need to make ourselves different—with a wound underneath.p1030018

The sensitivity of the solar plexus area serves as a gigantic sensor, enhancing energy impressions about upcoming events in addition to our instinctive orientation to what is going on in the moment. Most of us have experienced stage fright or trepidation in that part of the body. Those sensations are most obvious. The solar plexus will hold subtle impressions as well, which can provide direct information about our environment, the type of support available within in, and information connected with other dimensions of experience.

Reactivity from our pasts, with conditioned and habitual emotions and constraints makes ‘noise’ in the body and mind. Wherever it is harbored, this noise is a type of chaos that crowds out and distracts from subtle perceptions of Guidance. Once we work these things through and relax them we become more able to attend to and clarify our direct sense of what to do in the moment. ‘Trying to be’—good, without error, worth of approval, successful, etc.—is one kind of noise that undermines truly noticing and responding.

Solar Plexus Exercise: Place your attention on your solar plexus area, in the hollow where your ribs meet under your sternum. Focus on the FRONT of that area, out toward your skin. When your attention has been established, imagine, just for a few moments, a person or situation in front of you. Pick someone or something that is difficult and challenging for you. As soon as you feel what happens in your energy and sensations when you sense the person or situation from this center of awareness, stop.

What happened? What did you notice?

Now move your attention to the BACK of your solar plexus area, straight back from the front point, toward your spine. Keep your attention on that area, even if it’s a bit hard like holding an inflated ball under water. Do the same visualization you did before, of the challenging person or situation. Stay with this one a bit longer and notice your sensations and observations.

What changed? What did your energy do differently? How did your comfort level change?

Comments on Solar Plexus Exercise: From the front solar plexus your energy feels vulnerable and unprotected. Dealing with adversity from that point can feel like getting slugged in the gut, anxious, or like being pulled forward into the situation without any distance from it.

Note that from the standpoint of the back solar plexus you can feel your energy wrapping around you first, before it goes out to others. There is a pronounced feeling of healthy detachment (not aloofness) and connected independence of motive force.

Also note that focusing on the back solar plexus activates awareness of the spine. The strength and support of the spine make for determined action, connected with the vertical axis, which mediates between crown center Guidance and earth plan grounding. (The horizontal axis is more inclusive of other people, expanding outward into connection.) The vertical axis allows for independence and more individuated expression.

Isn’t it amazing how much of a difference such a small locational shift can make in your experience and perception?

Advanced Version: Place your attention in your solar plexus, several inches deep into your body. Move it forward toward the front solar plexus and backward toward the back, feeling the way the energy shifts when one or the other begins to become activated. Enter the small spot between the two, which is not pulled either way. Relax as much as possible and notice the type of body intelligence in this spot.

What did you experience doing this exercise?

What are the implications for daily life?

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  1. Therese 13 January 2017 at 9:01 am #

    I did notice the shift in energy. I suspect allowing myself to come from the spinal aspect of my solar plexus may help reduce/eliminate pain in my spine. I hope to play with this now that you’ve pointed it out to me.

    With Love,

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