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Managing Your Energy Part 88, Contemplating the Solar Plexus, Part 1

The solar plexus region feels so vulnerable. The body is even wired to protect our vitals, and we hunch forward by instinct when we feel wounded inside, literally or figuratively. I have a broken rib and my body wants to pull forward to protect the area. This aggravates the rib—but the reflex is so strong that my back muscles get in a tug-o-war with the muscles that pull me forward. The instinct is strong.

How is it that the seat of our sense of self—the solar plexus, which is associated with personal power—is so intensely sensitive? What’s going on with that?

A Qi Gong master (the real deal) who I take classes with identifies a small point in the solar plexus area as “the Wisdom Gate.” He talks about that spot being an access point for Guidance and an entry point for entering into experiences of different dimensions. The Wisdom Gate is used, along with other energy-connecting points, as a part of a self-development sequence he teaches.

I have been sore in that area, and have been breathing tender, gentle love into it to see what happens. I feel a knot in the hollow between my ribs. Too much has been going on. After a few days of seeking to relax and enter that point as I lie in bed, I have noticed a small but powerful shift in my sense of Guidance during the day. Direct Knowing has been more instantaneous, where something I have no normal way of knowing drops in directly, clear and accurate.

This morning I asked myself the questions I wrote above. What I came to understand is that Guidance IS our sense of healthy personal power. When we have a clear and unerring sense of exactly what we need to be doing at the moment, it is easy to be true to that, and we become solid in ourselves in the face of other influences. This direct experience of who we are and what we are about is what healthy personal power IS. It has nothing to do with force or control.

Health personal power stems from ‘a sense of self,’ and expresses our ‘essence’—but sense of self and essence are just concepts unless we had an energy and sensory experience them. I think most of us have had the feeling that we know exactly what we need to be doing in the moment, and can appreciate the clarity, sense of direction, and freedom from feeling unencumbered by lesser priorities and demands. As this state becomes more and p1040343more usual we express true self. This is a power in its own right, a force of nature. It springs from an intuitive or instinctual basis, meaning, it is not something we DO or intend. It is what we ARE. This is about Being, not will.

Let me remind you here that when I mention intuition I am not talking about guessing or knowing with your head. I am talking about real intuition, which is never wrong. If something is wrong it is an interpretation, vision, hunch, guess, assumption, or belief. Intuition is direct perception of actualities.

The type of experience I am talking about is founded on much more general development in a number of different directions, including the enlivened functions of all of the other chakras in relation with one another. Over the course of life our Inner Work accrues. Different experiences are available and possible at different points in time—and not at others.

The above being understood, when we are drawn to work with specific energy centers in the body, doing so unfolds the related experiences for which we are ready.

It’s not like building something. The process of development is less direct. We don’t just decide to build in a certain capacity and succeed at that. The capacity exists in relation to the whole of your self, and changing the homeostasis of one area or expression will bring up unresolved issues that are held in the related part of the body. Developing one area will make demands on other areas for support and collaboration of other related functions.

What sensations do you have in your solar plexus when you pay close attention?

What do the sensations tell you?

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  1. Therese 6 January 2017 at 6:26 am #

    My solar plexus and the tendency to hunch forward is directly related to how well I feel in every aspect of myself. When I am rounded, I cannot forcibly bring myself to open. Even when I bring my shoulders back in an attempt to open, I find myself hunched within seconds again. It is only if I reconnect with Source, or that place inside where Source resides, that my solar plexus automatically opens. There is no conscious choice other than to connect or stay disconnected. I also notice it is only when I stay disconnected for an extended period of time that I experience symptoms of illness.

    Wonderful post! Thank you!

    With Love,

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