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Managing Your Energy Part 70: Odd Healing & Insight into How Intuitive People Get Drained

I have long experimented with unusual types of healing and energy work, to find out what I might experience. This practice helps me develop and extend my ability to sense a wide range of energies. Accumulated experience contributes to my capacity to recognize, track, and sometimes to understanding the energies at play.

One healer I saw in Maui removes entities (negative energies), and works with the subtle energy fields around the physical body. He works out of a Quonset hut chock full of spiritual statues, fat crystals, and photos of assorted spiritual masters.

His property is not easy to find. He does not take appointments, but has set hours two days a week and P1160382people simply show up. He has a donation box, instead of dealing directly with money, talks sparingly, and does not explain things. Sessions take only a few minutes. He sends people off with a page of energy meditations that help maintain the work. Despite his rather abrupt manner, this healer has treated over twenty thousand people. I believed him when he told me this because he is solid, focused, grounded, powerful, and clear.


This is to the right of the chair.

The work: He has an inverted metal pyramid with a crystal on it, which he put over my head and spun slowly, while he stood behind the chair and made observations about my energy fields.

This was my second visit. (I did not have any entities. 🙂 ) I was having trouble sleeping. He found that my “astral body was functioning at only 20 percent.” He said that the astral body is related to sleep. He did not explain—and I knew better than to ask—but told me he had brought it up to 80 percent. I can’t say I felt much, aside from a bit more robust in the fields around me. I did, however, begin to sleep better. . . .

. . . until I interfaced closely with a certain person. After some time I noticed a pattern: The more I interfaced with him the worse my sleep became, improving with breaks.

What was going on with this? One morning I woke up with a clear insight. The person was not functioning in reality. Tracking his energy to try and understand where he was coming from was draining my astral energy.

This is how it works: The astral world is ‘sideways-y,’ according to one of my early spiritual teachers. Astral energy mainly runs horizontally. This tends to remove it from connection with Guidance, which comes in via the vertical axis and lifts one’s perspective. When someone is in the sideways inner worlds of projection, or in past ‘movies’ (intense visual memories), their energy loops around or spills out into astral space. This energy usually relates to arrested developmental stages or traumatic events. Separation anxiety or anger with a parent, for example, is stuck in their body and energy systems. Along with words and thoughts, they will project this energy out onto a real person, who they have cast in the parent role in their inner movie.

When I go into synch with that kind of energy I tend to ruminate, worry and speculate. Balanced presence and constructive action are unlikely from that energy matrix.

Since I am highly sensitive to incongruence between word, speech, and energy, discerning between projections and communication that may have something more personal to do with me can take focused attention. If I track the energy to understand more clearly—a work-habit for me—I overuse and deplete my astral energy. Figuring this out has helped me take better care.

Do you overuse your astral energy or use too much energy reading others?

If so, how does that show up in your life?

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6 Responses to “Managing Your Energy Part 70: Odd Healing & Insight into How Intuitive People Get Drained”

  1. Jennifer Hammill 11 December 2015 at 6:15 am #

    Holy cow. Thanks for sharing this. I write this in the middle of the night…. I wonder if the same thing is happening to me. I’ve been feeling loving and at peace with myself when I deal with my husband, but I know that he has tried to put me in a parenting role, and I wonder if I’ve gone too far in trying to understand his issues. Gees, how do you balance this out, to “take better care”?

    By the way, your last post made me curious about Ram Das, so I googled him and found a quote that I’ve been cherishing. It’s about the most important aspect of love is not in the giving or receiving, but in the Being. I’m comforted by this so much — it inspires me even more to Meditate and I think of Wali Ali as a fabulous model of this. And I also realize the freedom that I have with this way of living when interactions became hard with others.

    • Teresa Dietze 11 December 2015 at 7:32 pm #

      Hi Jenn,

      Care to share the quote? 🙂

      Yes, we are indeed fortunate to be exposed to the real thing!

      I’ll write you a post about how to take better care. Stay tuned.



  2. Therese 11 December 2015 at 8:21 am #

    This post is very helpful for my understanding. I’ve mentioned before that I get really drained around people. I also know I’ve been trained to figure out what they want so I can give it to them to keep them happy. While this is an unhealthy relationship and I’m doing my best to recognize the pattern when it first comes up so I can stop it, your post helps me see why I feel I’ve been experiencing such struggle reading people. I feel the incongruent behavior strongly these days. I think it’s because I’m becoming more present in myself. I am still figuring out how to handle being around this energy as it seems to be dominant in my life right now. So, I know I have lessons to learn.

    Some ways of dealing I’ve been playing with are:

    Leaving the situation.
    Observing the situation.
    Stating I don’t wish to be told more.

    I don’t feel these are perfect solutions but they work for now so I can find solutions which loving and supportive for both myself and the other individual(s). I have noticed myself falling into old sarcasm behaviors which I don’t like. What has been interesting is , when someone is being sarcastic and I respond with a sarcastic tone of voice, the other person has been looking at me really oddly. Yesterday, I thought maybe the other person feels the incongruent behavior from me even though they don’t know me very well. So, I’m letting go of the sarcastic tone of voice; I don’t like it anyway. ????

    I will be spending time re-reading this post to see if I get new stuff out of i. Thanks, Teresa!

    With Love,

    • Teresa Dietze 11 December 2015 at 7:34 pm #

      Hi Therese,

      But what’s UNDERNEATH the sarcastic voice? Maybe some part in distress. 🙂

      Hmmm. I thought you were on your own right now. Is someone sarcastic coming around?

      Sending blessings and happy to be of service.



      • Therese 15 December 2015 at 9:55 pm #

        I’m in an RV park with only 12 sites. So, it’s like living in a subdivision. The sarcastic tone is the only part that’s sarcastic. I’m not being sarcastic because I always mean what I say. Yes, people around me are being sarcastic and using the tone of voice to go with it.

        I am finally enjoying the island. The weather has been gorgeous and I believe it will continue to be because I have set gorgeous weather and joy as my intentions. Others keep telling me how unusual this weather is but I continue with my intention and simply smile.

        For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why I felt I needed to be here because I am not a fan. However, I believe the small size of the campground and the subdivision feel are really helpful in teaching me lessons I need to learn very quickly. It’s like being in an intensive course on self-care. Not fun but, when I’m done, I will have learned the lessons well. And, I am learning! Today, I learned my Ego gets bruised and holds onto the hurt but my heart is always coming from a loving place and holds no animosity towards people who are hurtful towards me. I really get it that hurt people hurt. Their Egos get bruised and they strike out without understanding why. I’m getting very close to where I want to be emotionally. I’ve been releasing several old emotions that were being held in my body. I’m reading “The Emotion Code.” So helpful. Anyway, I believe I’m immersed in my learning and will walk away from here very changed and free.

        If I want to be left alone, I have to stay in my RV, go for a bike ride, drive to town, or go to the beach. If I sit outside my RV, people often want to come visit. I’m learning to say when I need to be left alone. I also realize people are drawn to me, as always, and I need to be available for that as well. I’m amazed at the amount of love I feel towards the people here. I love it! I’m learning to not get emotionally involved. I feel empathy but I’m letting their stuff be their stuff.

        Long answer. I hope it makes sense.

        With Love,

        • Teresa Dietze 16 December 2015 at 11:56 am #

          Lovely answer!

          I suspect that when super open people are around others, we tend to match their tones. It’s part of getting into rapport and instinctual. Then we need to counterbalance this with learning to hold our own space and set the tone, which you are obviously practicing.

          I love this part: “. . . my Ego gets bruised and holds onto the hurt but my heart is always coming from a loving place and holds no animosity towards people who are hurtful towards me. I really get it that hurt people hurt. Their Egos get bruised and they strike out without understanding why.”

          That is brilliant, useful, human and compassionate. I hope to remember it frequently.



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