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Manage Your Energy Part 80: Spiritual Growth: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished? Part 2

Continued from previous post:

My Teacher told a story about a friend who takes about half an hour to enter a swimming pool. “That’s what we do,” he continued. “We come up on these thresholds. At every threshold of Awakening, there is a resistance at the threshold, and we get across into it and then we don’t STAY there, but we have the light of that experience. Now it’s in our cells. It’s in our body of light that we carry forth. It’s in our soul. Those are the things the soul doesn’t forget, because the soul can learn a new thing and have insight into it, and the next thing, it’s out of it’s vision . . .

“So that’s what we try and go through at first. You step over the threshold and you come back, and you have whatever experiences you have and you don’t lose heart—you don’t lose heart!

“And you don’t lose trust in your practice, but you don’t try and force it. You don’t achieve this by ratcheting up your will. You achieve it by trusting and letting go, and by moving very naturally through it. . . .P1000436

“So go across the threshold, but tell that unconscious part of yourself, if that’s what you’re working with—it’s just my intuition—‘Ok, I’m just taking a step here. I just want have the condition to do this. This is not a destructive activity on my part. This is providing That in which one lives forever. You’re not being threatened by this, except just in your control. You have to let go. I need you to let go. But you can only let go at the speed at which you’re willing, so let’s stay in touch about all this. I’m going to still continue my practice, and I’m not going to let that fear that happened as a result of having entered into this state, and now—okay—I’ve gone into this kemal state and now everything is different.’

“Sure things are going to strike you differently under certain circumstances. Under other circumstances everything we do, having come out of that state, everything you do will be perfect. No matter what happens, it just is perfect. So I can’t generalize about it, except to say that we all are unique in our configuration. Even our souls are unique. Even every time you say a wazifa [name of God] it is unique, even in the repetition.

“Everyone has a different terrain to deal with, and in so many ways we are alike. So that’s as much as I can say about it. I think a number of us have had that experience, of being afraid of some state that we’ve gotten into, because there’s a part of us that is geared up for survival. Geared up big time in a certain way. And that feels threatened. So we have to have a communication with that and say, ‘We’re not really dying now. This is something we do, and it’s not that it’s dangerous. Can you give me the support to let this happen?’ And sometimes you run into a voice of yourself from some previous age, and you say ‘How old am I?

“‘How old is this part of myself that is communicating? Am I nine now, or five, or fifteen, or what?’ This is all part of the adventure. So this is not like ‘an enlightenment intensive.’ I don’t even know what they are anymore. But when you come: ‘Now you’re enlightened!’ and we tap the magic wand.

“Sometimes there is just an instance when something happens. It was just a glance, it was just a moment. It never died. It’s still alive. —But that’s usually after many years of this and that or the other, and it just opens for you. It’s not that you cut the Gordian knot [a metaphor for an intractable problem]. Sometimes you have to cut the gordian knot.

“So I don’t mind taking questions. I hope it’s not boring for others, listening to other people’s questions. Generally the questions people have are not just for themselves. How many people felt a resonance with her question?”

At least a third of the people in the room raised their hands.

“If something comes up, go into it. Go into it. Explore it, don’t just take it as a random thought. If something really grabs at you, and it grabs at you several times, go into it. Stop what else you’re doing and take that inquiring breath and say, ‘What’s in here? What do you have for me? Why are you interrupting me? What do I need to know here from your presence.’ And you may get some surprises from doing that.”

Someone thanked me later for being brave enough to bring up the topic.

Which aspect of this discussion stands out for YOU the most?

What does it speak to in you?

What do you think it means to “provide That in which one lives forever”?

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2 Responses to “Manage Your Energy Part 80: Spiritual Growth: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished? Part 2”

  1. Therese 30 April 2016 at 1:11 pm #

    The resistance speaks most strongly to me. I use to stand in the resistance. I didn’t even realize what I was doing. Now, I welcome the resistance with open arms because it is showing me where I am afraid. Once I know I’m afraid, I can offer myself love, security, and safety. Those last two words often mean similar things to people but they mean something different to me, I think. I will have to spend time thinking about this or not. It’s not really important. Safety is knowing the Universe has my back no matter what happens. Security is knowing I have my back no matter what happens. Or maybe they’re reversed. Again, not really important.

    I know I’m safe. I know I’m connected. It is only when I allow myself to lose sight of this knowledge that I resist. My time in resistance is lessening even as I write this. I’ve also come to understand that any time I’m having angry thoughts, it isn’t about what is running through my mind. It’s about the need to love myself more, to trust more, to know my life is unfolding exactly how it’s supposed to if I’m willing to allow. It feels like I’m not doing enough but that’s just the voices of others in my past who have told me I have to “make” things happen. In truth, my focus and my thoughts are what “make” things happen. I have terrific focus so all I have to do is get my thoughts aligned.

    Wow! That went places I hadn’t expected. Source bounding through again. Always showing me the way. I hope you find it interesting and applicable.

    With Love,

    • Teresa Dietze 6 May 2016 at 9:41 am #

      Great description of inner process! This is an enlightened way to deal with resistance.

      I like your distinctions on safety and security, and see how they can flip.



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