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Managing Your Energy, Part 40: Change & Spiritual Growth, Essential Questions for Developing Self Trust

From a spiritual perspective, safety is largely a factor of what we identify with. When we identify with things that change, we feel more threatened by change. When what we think we ARE may be eradicated by change, change is frightening.

Profound spiritual growth is more threatening than superficial growth. Patterns and personality, likes and dislikes, or our profession may change. We feel threatened if we identify with these things. Then, when they change, we think we will no longer be the same person.

Essence is not threatened by change.IMG_0074

When we identify with our essence, transformation is less threatening because ‘who we really are’ does not change. The seasoned spiritual traveler realizes that the more we transform the more we feel like our own true and natural selves.

Getting to an experience of essence sometimes requires trauma or disruption. Unless the things we identify with become disrupted through change, we may not challenge ourselves to step beyond preconceptions and assumptions about life.

Until we assimilate trauma that informs our experience, it may be difficult to feel trust. At such a juncture it is good to ask oneself, “Trust in what?”

Distrust of God or Life is important to explore. It can bring up a whole welter of uncomfortable feelings. Sharing these feelings can be frightening, particularly if doing so has resulted in painful conversations—or silences—with people we care about. Matters that involve belief can be fraught with judgement, fear, and unspoken reservations.

The best way to approach distrust of God depends on the individual, not only their beliefs, but their relationship with their own heart, and their level of spiritual development.

It does not work to demand peace and ease as preconditions to feeling trust, or love.

Regardless of our spiritual beliefs, issues involving trust almost always hinge on our ability to trust ourselves. We may need to develop discernment, boundaries, energy related to safety, the strength to speak out, and so forth, in order to really be there for ourselves when challenges occur.

I have been learning to produce in my body and energy systems the resonance of safety and of love, and to bring these forth for myself when I am confronted with conditions and circumstances with which I am uncomfortable. When I am able to create comfort inside myself, through my own compassion, I get new insights as to how to manage circumstances and events. My self trust becomes more comprehensive.

Upon what is self trust founded? These Essential Questions to Self  form the foundations:

  • Am I asking life to be other than it is or to prove something to me so I can feel a certain way?
  • Am I trying to impose conditions upon which my full participation depends? If so, what are these conditions, and can I release them, even a bit?
  • Am I willing and able to keep learning, or to nurture myself until I can be open to learning again?
  • Am I willing to use life’s conditions and circumstances as a training ground?
  • Am I willing to practice bringing forth the qualities I need in order to remain intact, become stronger, earn my own trust, or bring forth more love?
  • If I cannot be willing right now, am I willing to be willing?
  • Am I willing to practice discernment?
  • Am I willing to make The Highest Option more important than my momentary desires?
  • What specific energies do I need right now? What can I do cultivate them?
  • If I cannot or will not do what I need right now, what can I do that is constructive?

Note that this work has to do with developing a positive relationship with will.

To benefit most, we need to engage these questions whether or not we FEEL positive, and whether or not our beliefs are working.

Which questions are the most relevant for YOU right now?

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7 Responses to “Managing Your Energy, Part 40: Change & Spiritual Growth, Essential Questions for Developing Self Trust”

  1. Therese 27 March 2015 at 7:54 am #

    All of the questions are always relevant. I have to be careful to not use the questions as a way to beat myself up. For instance, I’m getting an RV so I can go out into Nature and really connect with myself. I could use these questions to bully myself into doing nothing because why can’t I recover my health and figure things out while staying here?

    While the questions are important to me, I tend to use them as a way to talk nastily and derogatorily towards myself. I’ve spent a lot of time learning to listen to my inner voice. I’ve learned to distinguish between running away and going to a place where I can recover. When an animal is wounded, it cannot heal while still in the fight. It must leave the situation to heal so it can fight another day.

    Again, I’ve probably talked around the intent of the post. This is just what came up for me. I guess I feel like I’m still in the middle of the fight. I’m Trying to get away so I can heal.

    With Love,

    • Teresa Dietze 27 March 2015 at 10:59 am #

      Your comments are totally on target. They are your genuine experience and your process. That is sacred.

      I am also very moved by your sharing these things. Actually, I woke up this morning thinking of you. I’ve been contemplating your last comment, wanting to give an intelligent/useful answer. Thinking about what I might like to write about that, and when. Very busy right now.

      What came up for me, which you ratify here, is that a health condition is an important part of the picture. I’d like to address that directly.

      Being includes inspired action. Taking care of your needs as you are is not the same kind of Doing as being constantly busy to avoid yourself. Action inspired by Being, which supports Being is different. It is expression. That is a good thing, and healing.

      What you say about how you use the questions applies to all Work on Self. Self work has a shadow side. That shadow is seeing ourselves as needing to change to be okay. I think I’ll write about THAT! 🙂

      Sending Love, appreciation, and healing thoughts,


    • Kelly 27 March 2015 at 3:07 pm #

      Therese, I hope I am not overstepping by saying ‘you go girl!’

      I am responding before reading further posts to keep this real for me in response to you.

      I love that you not only have the self awareness around these personal issues but that you are taking appropriate action for yourself! I love the RV and that you are excusing yourself from the interpersonal issue to tend to yourself. Amen is all there is to say. Amen.

      There are just some voices we have to step over to get where we want or need to be and those voices that try to pummel us are not unlike those we feel we need to fight outside of ourselves and just as you are doing, you step over that log of potential conflict and retreat to your sanctuary-internally and externally.

      It took me some time and I still use it personally as a practice….the idea is that we are unable to do outside of ourselves with others what we are as yet unable to do within ourselves. So it is circular and stepping up to inner work will be reflected in the outer and vice versa. Life is developmental and there is simply no way for us to arrive before we recognize and try…. The thing is for us all to recognize when it is time to take something inside and let it go outside. You got an RV!!!! You are not only taking yourself where you need, you are giving yourself comfort!!!

      I’d make me a big ‘ol fire and burn those self defeating thoughts one after the other-they aren’t you in the least but they can make good fuel for the fire!!!

      As for health, well, you do what you can then let it go and try to see the wisdom it can offer you. I have lived with a disability since ’99 and fought it hard, really hard (feeling it was my fault, something was wrong with me because I couldn’t make it better and best of all-it has no diagnostic code to rest on!). Now I feel it is a reliable companion and teacher and I’m able to train others to live with my cycles within the illness! Making friends with poor physical health is a challenge but it is possible.

      Enjoy your retreat!

      • Teresa Dietze 27 March 2015 at 6:51 pm #


        • Kelly 29 March 2015 at 12:18 pm #

          No intent to leave anyone out, just limited time…

          Thanks again for the wisdom/connecting platform!

      • Therese 27 March 2015 at 8:34 pm #

        Thank you, Kelly, for your supporting words of encouragement. I love the idea of burning all the negativity which enters my mind. On second thought maybe I’ll offer up notes of desires for my life so I stay in the positive.

        Regardless, your comments touched me deeply and I appreciate you sharing. I wish you well on your journey. I believe you are correct, our illnesses help us in our discovery of ourselves and give us the opportunity to release our fears of the unknown.

        With Love,

  2. Kelly 29 March 2015 at 12:15 pm #

    I’ll keep an eye to the sky for your smoke signals!!

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