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Life Guidance Series Part 10: Range of Guidance

Each of us has a general range of guidance. This range refers to the breadth, depth and scope that our perception can run.

Range varies with circumstance, who our energy is linked with, state of mind and heart, brain function, our current internal biochemical cocktail, and so forth. If you’re exhausted, hung over and your mother is in the hospital, your guidance may have a narrower range than it does when you feel good. Or your range of guidance may actually improve under some types of adversity.

The flow of Guidance is not necessarily consistent. I’ve noticed when I am too tired or compromised to function logically my intuition kicks in without being squashed by too much thinking. This began after I intentionally cultivated intuitive arts while my brain was compromised during an extended illness.

I followed an excellent piece of generally-applicable guidance. It comes with a story: My brother studied internal martial arts with the only caucasian to have won the Chinese championship. During prolonged sparring sessions body and mind tired. Students were taught, “When one resource is compromised, use another.”

In the context of martial arts, application would mean that if your legs are tired you use your arms more, if your body is tired you use your mind, if your mind and body are tired you use your energy or your emotions, and so forth. Practicing this principle in circumstances that call for Guidance extends effectiveness and broadens your range by using your best resource in any particular moment.

An unimaginable universe of insight is available to those who can tune in and access it. Recipients of Guidance, however, receive viable Guidance about some aspects of life but not about others. We are better at tracking down or drawing in some types of information than we are at others. With the exception of a truly enlightened being, no one person can access all available Guidance in all dimensions. We each have a slice of the pie of all possible perception.

These considerations help to explore Range and various modes of Guidance:

  • How many different aspects and arenas of life does it address?
  • What is the reach? Is it just about relationships, or is it about relationships, health, spiritual life, finance, other-dimensional energies, and so forth?
  • What is the detail and depth? If it’s about relationships, is it just about getting along, or is it about who you can become through the relationship, how it relates to your life purpose, and how to manage your energy optimally within it?
  • How many senses does information come through? Does Guidance show up through sight, sound, scent, body sensation, energy perception, movement, or taste?
  • Does Guidance come in as Direct Knowing, where it just shows up in your head whole? Some people excel at this mode and do not recognize that they are receiving Guidance because they do not get images or voices.
  • How many levels of experience does the Guidance address? Does it impact just your mind, or your emotions, body, mind, spirit, afterlife, past and parallel lifetimes, displaced energy or parts, energy that doesn’t belong with you, energy grid systems and fields, etc?
  • Does it address future or draw from the past when necessary? Does it simply report what is occurring here and now, or take place with respect to the past and future when useful?
  • Does it involve perception of unusual energies or dimensions when these have a significant influence?
  • Does Guidance reference things about which you have had no prior experience or exposure?

While it is true that an excellent guide often has greater range, range of guidance does not directly equate with quality. Some Guides have a narrow range but operate superbly within that range, with good accuracy and utility. As in any other life arena, specialism has its uses. A trance medium, for example, may have stellar accuracy with the departed–and be clueless or useless with health or relationship guidance.

Some guides have a wide range of guidance yet have patchy quality and accuracy. It is unusual but quite possible to have a very wide range of guidance and excellent quality and accuracy.

These factors increase Range of Guidance:

  • Skill with self-observation
  • Recognition and acceptance of personal biases
  • Ability to make adjustments for our emotional biases to see life more openly, without projecting
  • Openness to a wide range of belief systems without necessarily buying in to them
  • Courage to explore different realities
  • Willingness to admit and correct errors in judgment
  • Freedom from needing the approval of others
  • Exposure to multiple cultures or systems of thought
  • Presence in the moment
  • Personal clarity and discernment
  • Being in touch with body sensations
  • Sensitivity to energy
  • Ability to notice and release assumptions
  • Compassionate detachment
  • Desire to be of service

What is YOUR range of guidance?

How do YOU respond when you receive internal Guidance that touches on things outside of what you normally believe?

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9 Responses to “Life Guidance Series Part 10: Range of Guidance”

  1. Greg 3 February 2012 at 8:31 am #


    My range of guidance, number one is in the realm of personal life questions that come up daily. My guidance kicks in to help me through out the day with decisions that I need to make About what direction to go in, what is best for me and the situation I am in. When I listen and use guidance it really works for me, when I do not listen then the consequences can be terrible.I am finding out this process of using guidance is very powerful.

    Another form of guidance is one that uses the knowing field in constellation work. When I start to engage another person in a constellation then the knowing field is available for information and knowledge about what the persons issue is and what and how to proceed with the constellation. Most of the time in the field I can allow myself to become part of it and let it move me were I need to go with the information being provided by the field. It is really quite amazing work that can be done if I allow myself to be open to it.

    When I am tired I have harder time allowing the field to work through me. My next challenge is to allow myself to be in the field and try and allow it to move me in a way that works for the seeker when I am totally out of energy, as you described with the marshal arts.

    Thank you

    • Teresa Dietze 3 February 2012 at 12:01 pm #

      Howdy Greg,

      Yes, we all wish we’d brought the rain gear later! That’s good description of day-to-day application.

      Very nice comment on the Family Constellation work. It is indeed fascinating when one begins to sense and even to act out the emotions and conflicts of the family members of other people, without any cognitive knowledge of their internal situations! Could even be a bit creepy sometimes, LOL. That work does establish a field of energy that contains the energy SUBTEXT of the family dynamic of the person whose experience the group is exploring. It’s a good way to get a glimpse of the extent to which we are each and all–constantly–influenced by the other minds with which we interconnect.

      You may discover with practice that if you can withdraw any resistance and relax that being tired can be an advantage as you use different channels other than thought.



  2. tom 3 February 2012 at 10:47 am #

    Hi Teresa,

    At this moment I am thinking of using this, if I may, in a college music theory class.

    There are many varying levels of experience and ability with the subject matter in a class of thirty.

    I have asked some to help others, and have set up a seating arrangement in which the different levels of ability have access to each other.

    I am thinking at this moment that this material you have made available would be very good for introducing ideas about all of us being guides to one another.

    Especially the last page factors that increase Guidance as a class discussion list?

    Do you have any thoughts, or more Guidance on this?

    • Teresa Dietze 3 February 2012 at 11:52 am #

      Hi Tom,

      Quite interesting you brought this forth.

      You are very welcome to use my material as long as you reference the source.

      Here is my 2 cents on the topic:

      Guidance and the internal ‘listening’ or sensitivity are essentially the same skill it takes for musicians to:
      Harmonize with other musicians especially in improvisation
      Hear what internally they want to bring forth into music
      Sense which musical strains to emphasize and which potential expressions to leave alone in a given moment
      Sense when to jump in and when to remain in the background
      Project the vibration of the music through the instrument in ways that actually communicate with audience instead of an ego expression
      Feel the way the audience is responding internally

      Exploring these ideas in the context of learning to become confident through developing sensing-skills and internal consistency would be very fruitful in producing integrated, flexible, capable musicians. In a real sense we are all musicians in our attempts to fit in and harmonize with others.

      All Good Wishes,


      PS, What do you think about this?

      • tom 3 February 2012 at 2:45 pm #


        Thank you, Teresa.

        In your list, I think I have sensed the first three,
        but the next three (in increasing order of difficulty)
        I have had less experience / “more trouble” with.

        I will give those more attention. You seem/are so wonderfully in tune with the musical world / my experience in the musical world.

        I would gladly reference the blog.

        I am thinking to ask two girls to sing a duet from “Wicked”, “…I have been changed…for good…” as a mood setter for the class / discussion.

        And also thought that I could just photocopy the blog and hand it out to scan / read together with special emphasis on some spots perhaps more than others.

        Reading your reply, I am thinking the same way about that, but I don’t want to go hog wild!!!!


        • Teresa Dietze 3 February 2012 at 6:37 pm #

          Seems to me Gurdjieff said “If you’re going to go on a spree go the whole hog–including the postage.”

  3. Leah 3 February 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    Hi T! First off I think I want to be in Tom’s class it sounds exciting!! *laughing*

    As for guidance- There are times where a feeling comes over me and I am talking with someone and I feel hollow, like it is not really ME talking but feels like what others say channeling is like. It does not happen a lot, but it is intense when it does. I think I am still working on hearing inner guidance and trying to follow my path.

    Here is what keeps coming up for me around all of this, I have always admired your skills T and I have wanted to follow that path. But I have not and there is a voice that says “not for you”. For a long time I thought it was about not being “good enough” but lately I am wondering if I am looking at it wrong. I think “not for you” mean the ‘simpler’ levels that I feel I am on are important. There is teaching or healing or love or SOMETHING that I am supposed to do, and I think I am actually accomplishing some of it. Anyway, Thank you for the teachings and the cool conversations!!!

    • Teresa Dietze 5 February 2012 at 11:06 pm #

      Dear Leah,

      I agree!

      It’s important to be careful about interpretation. I’m glad you’re moving past ‘not good enough’ as that is certainly not true. I disqualified myself from entering healing for almost 20 years while I first built a strong foundation, both spiritually and by learning and practicing various techniques. (My ebook talks some about the transition from technician to healer.) Paying attention to building your foundations is a good investment.

      I deliberated about how I’d like to respond to your comment on channeling. Then I wrote the rough draft for the post on channeling that I will include as this series progresses a bit more. Thank you for assisting me to move forward with that one! I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to approach it and having a real person to consider helped me bring out my thoughts.

      I appreciate your participation.



  4. Greg 6 February 2012 at 11:35 am #

    I will work on relaxing and using what is coming through me other than thought to drive or move forward the constellation. It is great to hear from other people and have there insights on your blog.

    Thank you

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