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Success Secret: Working the Up Side

One adjustment to your approach can bring your health, your Inner Work and your life expression into full blossom. This adjustment is what I call “Working the Up Side.” This principle applies across the board, from physical, structural, and nutritional health through life direction and business success.

TreePeonyWt2Many of us tend to cancel appointments for care or support then we begin to feel better. Working the Up Side means taking on our challenging issues when we are feeling good. When we first begin to feel better the iceberg of distress has retreated just beneath the water line. This does not mean it has been resolved. It may surface again with a bit of stress. When we stop doing what is working too soon we not only invite a relapse but miss the opportunity to:

  • Resolve underlying issues, not just surface expressions
  • Use our previous distress to full, positive advantage
  • Address difficulties from a position of strength, resource, and creativity
  • Eliminate the need to get symptoms or distress again
  • Optimize and improve instead of simply maintaining
  • Move into new and exciting territory by building on gains and successes

When it comes to developing positive energy, consistent practice over time actuallyTreePeonyWt transforms us. Paying attention to our needs and processes only when we feel drained or distressed keeps us stuck at the level where we require problems to motivate us. Working the Up Side means making a study of what works. We become motivated more by pleasure and less by pain.

When you begin to feel better, pay special attention to what you did that worked. Exactly how did you feel before? What helped? Be specific.

How did support or an intervention change the way you relate with others? How did your sensations and emotions shift? Does your breath sit differently in your body? How have your energy levels and flows changed?

Super-aware presence during times of improvement help to stabilize your changes.

At what point do YOU set aside the support that makes you feel better? What do you tell yourself about it?

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