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Subtle Energy, Trauma & Transformation Part 3: World Energy Cocktail Meets Personal Experience

The same energies that are actively altering our physical and societal world are of inestimable use for transformation and awakening.

Energies that stimulate profound change can cause restlessness and exhaustion. Alterations to our personal energy require energy to adjust to and assimilate.

As we explored in Part 1 & 2, we are not immune to the energies that change the planet.

Energies that cause radical change make us want to change too. We are less willing to tolerate situations—in the world and in our personal lives—that go against what we feel is right. We may be less likely than usual to tolerate restrictive or annoying circumstances.

When specific types of energy are prevalent, we tend to drum up a feasible story in order to make sense of our experience. As an energy worker I observe that when certain types of energy are around-and-about at a planetary level, a large percentage of clients show up distressed about related emotions and sensations. When fiery energies are taking place clients come in angry and frustrated–and find a “reason” in their lives to explain.

Sometimes we simply search through our experience for a supposed “reason” to make sense of what we are experiencing. Other times the ambient energies add fuel to the fire of what we already have burning.

Anxiety is usually easy to find “reason” for. Spacey energies may be more challenging to explain away, unless someone has been missing out on sleep. Knowing “what is going on”—even if the explanation does not acknowledge the primary cause—is easier for most of us to deal with the great unknown. Consider the way superstitions have seemed safer than the fearful void of having no idea WHY.

Carolyn Myss describes trauma as “A trauma is something that has happened to you that your reason cannot understand.”

“Our myths are being dismantled.” This trauma calls us into transformation.

Carolyn goes on to observe that “Spiritual Awakening is a trauma.”

I have been discussing these formulations with clients and friends, who find them enlightening. In this blog series I expand on these useful observations, extending them into the context of “subtle” energy. (I used quotes because some of the energy these days is not so subtle.)

The first step is . . . backward.

Step back and notice the connection between the world situation and your personal experience. While obvious if we really think about it, most of us initially do not connect the dots between World and Self when we feel out of whack. Personal and Universal are customarily viewed as opposite categories. Culturally, we rarely link them. Even the fact that these polar experiences are becoming mixed together in our experience carries an element of trauma. It’s a breakdown of an old worldview.

Questioning faith goes along with the territory in the process of transformation. Alterations to core beliefs is almost always somewhat traumatic, particularly when loved ones cannot support changes we are called forth to integrate into new life expressions.

A clear-sighted and intuitive friend said, “I feel that old ways are dissolving around me.”

An energy-sensitive client describes her experience: “It’s like being pulled out of one world into another and all the rules change—and you have to figure them out. You don’t know what they are until you bump into them.”

You have to figure basic things out instead of simply living into them as we do with established structures and habits. This takes focus and energy. At the same time your ability to focus may be compromised by odd shifts and changes, and alterations in the ways we perceive guidance. Part of the trauma is not knowing how—or whether–to respond at a practical level.

Radical change takes energy. Your energy fields, meridians, and subtle energy structures take time to accommodate and assimilate these changes. The vast majority of people who walk through my office door have been unaccountably exhausted. The effort of trying to understand the incomprehensible can be draining.

I think it is safe to say that the majority of people on the planet are having some serious concerns at this point, whether it is about rising water levels, water pollution, banking, housing, employment, war, or planning ahead. We are becoming aware of our vulnerabilities collectively. This is reflected in our personal experience.

In Part 4 we’ll explore specifics about global change and energy-sensitive or intuitive people.

What are YOU learning about yourself and the world during this time of change?
What do you feel is important for you to create, achieve or release in your life while you have a chance?

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2 Responses to “Subtle Energy, Trauma & Transformation Part 3: World Energy Cocktail Meets Personal Experience”

  1. Greg 21 May 2011 at 12:45 pm #

    I feel that I am going through major changes. I cannot begin figuring out what is going on most of the time. The changes energeticly leave me physically and emotionally wasted most of the time and my whole life seems very intense at every moment, even when I sleep at night.

    Most of the people I interact with are going through the same thing. Some are unable to acknowledge their feelings and some deny that anything is going on.

    I am learning that energetic changes are very challenging and sometimes very difficult to assimlate in this human form. My QiGong practice helps to asimulate changes and also makes me more vunerable to the changes going on.

    I would like to release all the karmic lineage that I have been carrying around and the anger that seems to arise on occasion with my family members. Maybe I am ready to release my physcal body?

    Thank you

    • Teresa Dietze 22 May 2011 at 9:08 pm #

      Hi Greg,

      Thank you for continuing to share your process in the face of all this! I am certain there are heaps of peeps in the same boat. I appreciate that you take time to give voice to it. It’s so easy to feel isolated when we feel stressed, tired, and overwhelmed. This is when we need–but may be less capable–to generate positive energy for ourselves. Qi Gong is a great way to do that! I

      ‘ve been doing Sufi spiritual practices lately, and making yard work a higher priority. I find that spending time around plants and soil is helpful in keeping balance and perspective. Also trying to EAT more plants. The minerals and enzymes help.

      What makes you think or feel you might be ready to leave your body? It seems like a healthy vehicle, and you seem to be making good mileage learning and growing. If leaving it appeals as a way to get rid of the anger and past issues, I think you might find yourself with other opportunities to carry on that work. Maybe it’s a good time to work with a healer for a while, so you get some new input and resources? From a selfish perspective I like having you on the planet. 🙂


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