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Healthful (“Healthy”) Holiday Treats

Are you eating things you don’t want in your body “because” it’s the holidays?

FlyingGirlDuring the holiday season a high percentage of my clients, especially those with allergies, express frustration about getting caught in the “sugar traps” lurking at the office, gifts they cannot eat, or time spent making preparing foods that literally make them ill. When these clients have checked in with friends and relatives, many have been surprised to discover that the people they were trying to please by cooking or receiving these treats also preferred healthy choices. They too were doing what they felt was expected.

When we feel great joyfulness follows. Feeling sluggish, heavy, or burdened by food does little to promote real holiday cheer.

Check in with your loved ones. They may be pleased to support you in feeling good, creating new traditions that leave you feeling your best through the dark days of the year when nutrition makes even more of a difference.

Here are some strategies to bring about healthful holidays:

  • Bring healthful snacks to parties or the office to make sure you have something you can enjoy.
  • Identify and buy healthful foods you like BETTER than the sugar traps so you do not feel deprived.
  • Pay close attention to whether the pleasure of eating a food is worth the results of eating it.
  • Eat slowly with full attention to prolong pleasure instead of spacing out and eating twice as much in the same amount of time without noticing it.
  • Ask for support with holiday eating ahead of the holidays.
  • Let your loved ones know you feel cared about when they support your real needs.
  • Let people know what works for you BEFORE they give you something you’d rather not eat.
  • Provide simple alternatives within their comfort zone by talking candidly and finding out what they enjoy too.
  • Switch to healthful food gifts to others.

Festive choices with excellent food value:

  • Quality sheep and goat cheeses (digest much better than cow)
  • Smoked salmon
  • Sushi
  • Spiced nuts (easy to make with real maple syrup instead of sugar)
  • Dried cranberries (preferably juice sweetened)
  • Dried cherries
  • Big, soft dates stuffed with raw walnuts or almonds, and maybe a tiny sliver of crystallized ginger (these make wonderful gifts)
  • Pomegranates (jewel-like and lovely)
  • Persimmons (look like ornaments!)
  • Clementines (those soft, tiny oranges)
  • Hot ginger tea with Stevia or honey and lemon

What are YOUR favorite healthful holiday foods? Please share ideas and gluten-free recipes!


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2 Responses to “Healthful (“Healthy”) Holiday Treats”

  1. Susan 25 December 2009 at 11:34 am #

    I decided to use the holiday period as a time to begin a three week internal cleansing. My friends and family asked why I would choose this time of year to begin my cleanse. I told them that it was a gift I decided to give myself. Instead of avoiding holiday gatherings, I made sure that I brought food that I could enjoy. I brought blackened salmon and a rainbow vegetable salad (finely chopped organic spinach, cucumbers, red peppers, celery, cilantro, brocoli stalks with fresh lime juice and macademia nut oil). Fortunately, there were other health conscious people at the gathering and the food I brought disappeared. What I really love about this cleansing period is that I have no cravings for sugar. So I can see all the treats and not even feel the slightest bit tempted. Sugar has always been a problem for me, so this time of cleanse has truly been the best gift I could give to myself.

    • Teresa Dietze 25 December 2009 at 11:42 am #

      This is a wonderful story, Susan! I can’t tell you how many people go through the holidays with extra stress because their bodies are challenged by what they put into it, thinking that no one will support healthy choices. Once we become strong in our intention we often discover people who are happy to be have OUR support! Thank you for your recipe!

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