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Managing Your Energy Part 24: Clearing Up Confusion About Grounding, Part 2: Why Do I Have Trouble Grounding?

What Interferes with grounding?

Just as headaches can originate from a numerous different sources, such as neck tension, toxicity, blocked emotion, eyestrain, allergy, etc., inability to ground can express a number of internal or physical states and conditions.

When speaking of scientific or electromagnetic grounding, interference comes from: Having metal, plastic, rubber between us and the Earth, and from electromagnetic pollution from appliances, computers, cell phones, high intensity power lines, hair dryers, air travel, etc. Those who are sensitive to electromagnetic influence become ungrounded during exposure. Since we live in a sea electrical influence, we may not identify the issue. If you feel or sleep a lot better out in nature or on the ground, electromagnetic pollution may be an issue for you.

A number of different types of issues interfere with “grounding” with respect to our ability to get into our bodies and allow energy transfer, and sensing connection with the Earth.

Sensing subtle energy requires concentration. One may have trouble grounding due to health issues, postural or structural problems such as upper neck misalignment, or exhaustion. Anything that interferes with concentration can interfere with grounding. In addition to exposure to electromagnetic pollution, this includes nutritional or chemical issues. Deficiency in stomach acid, for example, makes uptake of minerals difficult. Inadequate supply of minerals weakens the body’s electromagnetic fields, making IMG_0071the person more susceptible to external influences.

Following digestive issues, I struggled with grounding for years. After trying my best to follow various people’s advise I eventually became annoyed when people told me “just ground yourself,” or “grounding will take care of that,” as if it were something I could simply DO. If I inquired, they’d tell me to visualize tree roots going into the ground. That did nothing for me. I started to feel shamed and frustrated and quit asking.

Since then I have seen quite a number of people who were unable to ground. I have seen some of them become frustrated, confounded, and even ashamed around people who ground themselves as easy as falling off a log. Those who find grounding obvious and natural find it easy to return to or accentuate with simple visualization–like the typical tree roots into the earth meditation. For those with issues related to grounding, trying to do this can be vexing–and what it really IS may become something of a mystery.

Over time I have received, through my healer and through intuitive direction, various methods of grounding that usually work with people who haven’t been able to ground. Some techniques work immediately. Other take practice. How energy works with an individual depends not only on the technique, but on what the exact issue is, the person’s physical and energetic condition, and their aptitude at working with energy.

Over the next few posts we will explore in detail issues with grounding that I have experienced or observed in my practice. Even if you ground easily yourself, understanding these issues can provide a window into other people’s experience, increasing your understanding about how energy works. Exploring grounding issues illuminate a number of important energy dynamics.

Is there a grounding practice that works well for you? If so, what is it?

If you have difficulty grounding, what do you think it is that interferes?

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7 Responses to “Managing Your Energy Part 24: Clearing Up Confusion About Grounding, Part 2: Why Do I Have Trouble Grounding?”

  1. Therese 17 October 2014 at 9:47 am #

    There are times I have trouble grounding and there are times grounding is easy. When I first began learning from others, I fretted when I found it difficult to do what was asked. Now I realize there’s a reason I’m having challenges and I let go of expectations. I don’t fret about the why’s of what I can or cannot do. The universe knows the reason and I don’t need to know the reason. All things will come to me when it is in my best interest.

    • Teresa Dietze 17 October 2014 at 10:02 am #

      Certainly there is no substitute for experience, and getting our heads out of the way helps. That type of sincere and active surrender can be a path in itself.

      Knowing is generally over-rated. I like to know what the challenge is when that knowing will assist me to shift my attention or intention and open my experience further. Knowing for its own sake tends to be a distraction, as does shifting from experiencing to trying to know something instead of working with the experience.



      • Therese 19 December 2014 at 5:58 am #

        I realized the knowing was a distraction for me. I felt I was being called to practice acceptance. I question things quite often and I can see where it gets in the way of my growth. So, I am learning acceptance and how I am able to grow with less anxiety and more quickly when I get out of my own way.

        • Teresa Dietze 26 December 2014 at 9:31 pm #

          There’s questioning that distracts and questioning that furthers. Depends how it’s motivated, yes?

          Holiday Blessings,


  2. Lisa 17 October 2014 at 10:22 am #

    I love this series! Thanks Teresa. I ground best near salt water and in sand or mudd, something that squishes a bit around me. Fire helps too. I have a hard time feeling grounded in my apartment if I think about it and a harder time in city buildings. When I’m told to imagine roots, sometimes it works, something’s it just stops. I force imagine it but it doesn’t feel like much. I also have a hard time when I’m experiencing muscle or spinal tension.


    • Teresa Dietze 17 October 2014 at 12:15 pm #

      Excellent observations! (and thanks for telling me.)

      I have learned that when it is difficult to ground, using water can be an advantage. As you have used sand and mud–earth into which water has seeped–you can also use a body of water. A swimming pool or a lake, if you are in it, can be used almost as if it is your base chakra. You ground via that water as an interface into the earth. I’ve had some powerful experiences playing with this. Energy streamed through by body as I opened to it. You could use the same intention standing in a puddle, but less intense.



  3. Lynna 12 November 2017 at 6:55 pm #

    I’m having that very problem right now, even as I type thud my friend is still “just do it” “I wish you could just….” like I’m not frustrated enough. I’ve tried Reiki and Akashic reading and both have given me insight but I can’t get the basics down. I can’t visualize it!

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