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Managing Your Energy, Part 20: Dances with Groups, Part 5: Forgiveness & Blessing

(Continued . . .)

Forgiveness and blessing soften, open and release stuck energy.

The next day the retreat group did a Forgiveness Practice, eye to eye, singing: “Please forgive me, for all that I have done and all that I have not done. Please forgive me.” It could have been hokey. The beauty of the music and sincerity of the group made it powerful.

L. encouraged us to approach and sing to anyone in the room who we needed to clear something with, or to allow someone to stand in for a person in our lives or our hearts. Tears came up here and there around the room.

Contemplating this song, my best formulation of what many of us need to say to our best Selves would be: “Please help me to forgive myself for not forgiving myself for all that I am going to do or not do next.”

While a bit lawyerly, this formulation covers that niggling sense that if we forgive ourselves in this moment we might not still be quite up to forgiving ourselves later, and may find ourselves doing the same darned thing!

P1070156We need to be able to let ourselves move forward despite shortcomings in not yet being able to sustain our ideals. We need to be willing to forgive ourselves when we fall back. Then can we move forward with the confidence that we can return to grace again if we fall.

Most of the day we did prayerful song with movement–like the one I shared in Part 1, but varying widely in type, intention, and tone.

We shared blessings later that afternoon, starting with some standard blessings: “May you be well and happy. May you be free from pain. May you live in peace. May you return to Love.” After warming up to it we began making blessings up for the person in front of us, giving and receiving, then moving on to someone else. I challenged myself to craft blessings that perfectly fit the inner longing of the person in front of me, such as:

“May you find yourself always around people you can trust, who understand you so you can be totally silly and get to play in joy,” or “May you be recognized for your lovely and unusual gift of congruence between your body, movements, emotions, thoughts and energy.”

The second one brought tears, and the woman later said she had been hoping all her life that someone would notice that about her. It’s an amazing intimacy to connect soul to soul without knowing someone’s personality. We had never spoken with one another before. Her response speaks to how vital it is for us to be ‘seen.’

I had another profound experience that evening. The group, in a long line, doubled back on itself, snaking through the room so some of us would pass face to face. The fleeting glance of one man astonished and transported me. Faster than thought, my heart literally rocked in my chest. I was riveted, yet we had already passed.

What I felt was The Beloved. This had nothing to do with the man as a personality or a body. He was so Present, inwardly silent, and connected to Source that the Divine shone through him at that moment.

I felt a brief confusion. Yes, I wanted the moment back–and forever–but this flash of feeling had nothing to do with anything that could survive a moment of grasping. This was the mystical experience of longing for the Divine. There was no where to look for it but to cultivate it inside myself.

To have mastery over our energy requires assessing our experiences accurately. We are safe to open to deep feeling when we trust our perception and therefore our decisions.

Is there anyone YOU need to forgive, or to receive forgiveness from?

How does thinking about this impact your energy?

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4 Responses to “Managing Your Energy, Part 20: Dances with Groups, Part 5: Forgiveness & Blessing”

  1. Therese 19 September 2014 at 5:23 am #

    Yes, there is someone to forgive. I suspect there will be someone to forgive for many years of my life. I also suspect this will taper off in time. I’m not writing more because I’m still in the process of forgiving right now.

    With Love,

    • Teresa Dietze 19 September 2014 at 9:59 am #

      Blessings and grace with that, Dear.

      When you are ready, it would be great to hear about your process of forgiving.


  2. tom 19 September 2014 at 11:36 am #

    Thanks, Teresa !!

  3. Therese 26 September 2014 at 8:32 pm #

    My process of forgiveness involves understanding my beliefs which cause my reactions, deciding if my beliefs need to change, and going from there. If my beliefs need to change, I check in with myself and determine where the belief originated. If the belief is of my construction, I modify or eliminate it. If the Belief came from others, I check to see if it serves me. If the belief serves me, I keep it or modify it. If not, then I eliminate the belief.

    I recognize all forgiveness revolves around me and my belief system. If I have no belief about a situation there will be no reaction or a need to forgive. I am trying to let go of all belief systems. The only belief system I wish to keep is the belief everyone is a being of light.

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