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Life Purpose, Part 13: Making a Difference with Energy

We each impact the world at every moment. Life Purpose is about being intentional about this impact.

I recently returned from a spiritual camp in which we used breath, intention, movement, music, and concentration to bring about a very real experience of being safe, loved, and connected with the entire group and with life itself. This had nothing to do with doctrine or belief–just direct experience.

If you have had direct energy experiences of unity with others you will fully understand what I am saying. I am not talking abstraction, theory or concept. I am talking about FEELING a sense of Unity–personally and palpably. When this happens in a group we can discuss the experience with the people who were there and discover that they felt exactly the same thing that we did. If you have not experienced this, remain open and motivated.

Even when we are in distress we are one with the world. We just don’t have our attention focused in a way that allows us to notice.

Personal issues block our access to feeling Unity. We feel isolated, alone, needy, or estranged when we are out of touch with our essential unity with others. Our influence becomes less positive when we are entangled in our issues. Learning to love yourself is service to others.

If you have not done so please read the post on Inner Work as Universal Service.

Working out issues that keep us from loving ourselves IS contribution to the world:

  • It strengthens our energy connections with others by making us more available and clear.
  • It allows us to effectively support others with issues we have already healed.
  • Our impact on everyone we come in contact with is more positive, and their added ease spreads to their contacts as well.
  • It makes your energy better as we begin to broadcast happiness and love instead of distress.

What if loving yourself is the one thing you can do that makes the most difference in the world?

Accepting and being larger than our issues is a spiritual act of healing. I have seen advanced spiritual teachers fall from their state of realization and harm their followers due to unresolved inner wounds, and motivated people who were once broken blossom into loving Life Purpose.

In addition to dealing with issues that block our ability to love, we can change the world just by breathing with awareness. Any way that you get good energy flowing you impact everyone who comes in contact with you, and everyone who comes in contact with them. What you do with your energy, at home alone, matters.

Working intentionally with energy strengthens our influence, and we can learn to direct this influence. I have seen masters of energy who can clearly and powerfully impact the state and experience of a roomful of people through the qualities, frequencies, intentions, and awareness they place on their breath. Their prayers pack a wallop. They did not develop these skills by wanting to change people. They developed themselves.

The most important way we make a difference is through Presence, full attention, and our love. BEing in the moment has intrinsic value. When we bring ourselves fully into the current moment in a spirit of contribution the question of Purpose dissolves into direct, internal, moment-to-moment guidance.

Sense of Purpose is a form of internal guidance. Being in touch with your inner sense of purpose from moment to moment–let alone Life Purpose–rests on the same skills necessary to receive all other types of inner guidance.

The next blog series will be about Guidance.

What does it mean to YOU to make a difference in the world?

What have you done that has helped to develop your Sense of Guidance?

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3 Responses to “Life Purpose, Part 13: Making a Difference with Energy”

  1. Greg 26 November 2011 at 9:31 am #


    To make a diference in the world is to do my own work on myself through Qigong and Family constellation work to help me work through my issues that keep me form being and doing what is sacred to my being. It never ends does it?

    • Teresa Dietze 26 November 2011 at 11:03 am #

      Hi Greg,

      Doing our inner work is a natural part of being fully engaged. We are making a compassionate and constructive response to subtle distress, and reaching for what we value. Engagement, compassion and constructive action give life meaning.

      In early stages people want to “get done” with work on self. As we become more seasoned inner work becomes simply the natural way we interface with life, and being without it is not an attractive option.

      What do you think about this?


  2. Greg 29 November 2011 at 8:35 am #


    I feel life would be very unfulfiling and almost meaningless with out doing my personal work. Looking at what my life is now and what it could be through work on myself is difficult at times and also very satisfying when I look back at what has happened at the end of the day.

    Where as my job gives me a certain level of satisfaction my personal work with my being is more difficult at times and more rewarding all the time.

    Thank you for your wisdom and guidance on these life changing subjects. Your guidance helps me to pursue life day to day.

    Thank you

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