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Managing Your Energy, Part 6: Tips on Energy Protection, Part 1

The extent to which tips on energy protection will be useful to you depends on quite a few different factors. How much trauma you have endured, your exposure to people who modeled good boundaries, your sensitivity and the degree to which you are empathic will have a bearing.

A tip must correspond to your current capacity for self observation and your level of energy mastery to be useful. Different tips work in different moments.P1050807

Techniques do not stop energy from coming in if we open the door to it ourselves, intentionally or otherwise. In stories, granting permission for a vampire to enter your house allows it to enter at will until permission is intentionally revoked and clear boundaries are established. Similar principles operate in the world of energy. If something enters, some part of us is in agreement or in resonance with it. This can be really annoying when we don’t know ourselves well enough to be aware of what we are letting in or why. Thus the universe makes self awareness a high priority for sensitive individuals.

Blaming ourselves, or flailing around in confusion about ‘why’ we pick up energy just muddies the water further. I produced the Inner Work Series and the Pearls to Pain Series in this energy-savvy context to assist readers to develop the personal clarity and self awareness to learn to sort self from not-self and gain better boundaries. These series are one huge tip. This is not an easy fix, but it produces permanent life results.

Energy transfers for various reasons. Sealing ourselves off is not a real answer. Using our sensitivity for personal development is meaningful and satisfying.

Given the above, here are various tips that help minimize unintentional energy transfer:

  • Focus on and breathe into your hara/belly center and bones
  • Ground yourself as well as you can
  • Be careful about trying to help people who are not asking for it or flying out of yourself to others in sympathy
  • Take responsibility for your sense of safety by working with your fields, setting boundaries or withdrawing instead of trying to get others to make you feel safe
  • Discern clearly between your needs and the needs of others
  • Resolve issues that arise clearly and directly instead of stewing about things
  • Notice the way your negative judgments send out energy toward others–and remember that energy can transfer back to you along the link you are sending out
  • When you feel drawn in to someone’s story, tell yourself, “I am HERE; that person is THERE,” and notice the space in between you
  • Remind yourself that just because someone is carrying energy you don’t want, you do not have to pick it up
  • Scan and clear yourself regularly, and get assistance if you cannot
  • Challenge yourself to master your energy in difficult situations instead of fearing or resisting them
  • Make your energy clear and transparent so energy goes on through without stopping
  • Visualize your energy fields and strengthen them with light
  • Let your energy fields be strong but bendable, like spider web
  • Allow your fields to flex, like pushing a finger into a partially inflated balloon, when someone comes near (instead of imaging them as being broken)
  • Keep your fields smooth and intact so they are like Teflon
  • Do spiritual practices on your breath to raise your resonance to a higher pitch
  • Practice keeping your resonance at your own pitch instead of matching someone else’s when their energy is compromised

Which of these tips is most useful for YOU at this point in time? Why?

What tips can you add to this list?

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4 Responses to “Managing Your Energy, Part 6: Tips on Energy Protection, Part 1”

  1. Maureen 14 June 2014 at 9:21 pm #

    Lots of info here. Just reading these guidelines on energy work around boundaries makes me more aware of what work I need to do to recognize boundary challenges and make healthy changes.
    Doing the work. Phew. It’s taking real awareness and effort. Thanks.

    • Teresa Dietze 15 June 2014 at 9:12 am #

      Oh good! I was hoping I wasn’t becoming redundant. Then again, I’ve had to hear or remind myself of these things many times in different contexts to begin to assimilate them.

      Good for you for having at it!



  2. Therese 15 June 2014 at 7:36 am #

    I am on the last day of visiting my Mother. This is the first time I’ve ever spent time with just her. Ally life I’ve wanted to help her, & her Mom before her, find a slice of happiness in their lives. Both stated desires to be happier but, because of this visit, I’ve learned the desire my Mom has to be happy is outweighed by her desire to stay in pain. I finally “get it” that I am “helping” where I am not wanted. I will not offer help any more. If I am asked questions, I will answer. That is all I can do. It is sad but I still have hope that someday she’ll be willing to let the negative go.

    I believe the most important part of what you’ve written is the part of learning about ourselves & relinquishing judgment. For me, the less judgment, the less I pick up of other’s energies.

    Distinguishing between our energy, other’s energy, & world energy is difficult, hit/miss, & important. Everything is probably a lifelong process.

    It is so important to be centered even though those around you may feel uncomfortable. For instance, since my realization, yesterday, with my Mom, I have centered today & am very calm. I notice my Mom talking about how tired I must be because I am quiet & calm. She did also ask several questions about if I’m alright & whether I’m upset. I’ve answered all of her questions calmly. I’ve let her know I am rested, happy, & fine. However, my current behavior is unacceptable in our family so it is bothersome simply because it exists. I now understand, completely, why it took me so long to accept calm when it first entered my life. I thought I might be depressed. It’s sad to think stressed is the only accepted norm in my family but it certainly explains why I developed adrenal fatigue.

    Thank you, Teresa.

    • Teresa Dietze 15 June 2014 at 9:30 am #

      Wow. Yes, Therese. That’s the same big thing I’ve run into countless times. My healer has given me this guideline: “If you want it for them more than they want it for themselves it becomes a problem for you.”

      You’re doing great! It can be SO hard to alter that pattern, and find a different way to respond without falling into the trap of feeling cold or irrelevant or fed up.

      Judging is the one I need to work on too. The distinction between clear discernment and judging is one of emotional tone and inner orientation. To the heart it is a great difference. To the mind, not so much. When I’m in my heart I get it, and when I’m not my discernment can devolve into judging. I think one of the hardest thing not to judge is people who are suffering and asking for energy and attention but refuse to take in and apply things heartfelt help that will improve their lives. (I look for how I do that myself.)

      I have experienced exactly what you are talking about in your last paragraph. That is a very strange junction indeed! You are stepping out of the patterns and doing something new and healthier, and the shift will either make the other people look at themselves, or if they cannot, they will go for you and try to hook you back into the status quo. When I was growing up it did not feel safe to be calm either. And yes, at first it feels like depression to be dis-engaged from the routines. That state of greater freedom is initially confusing. Then you begin to sense into new ways to interact. Sometimes we have to work through the pain of accepting how it is first, now that we have enough inner space from it to SEE it, and the role we played in it. It is a big deal to hold your sense of self and stay with this shift.



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