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Being In Your Body, Part II

(Part I is under the Healing tab in site navigation.) LINK

Being in the body is not always something one can just do. Being is different from doing. Being is an expression of all that we are. For example, if you have issues about safety, that make it hard to feel safe, this will show up in the energy in and around your body. You may also be prone to dissociating—losing awareness of your body. This does not mean passing out, but going through stretches of time when it is difficult to tell what you feel, need, and sense going on in your body.

Practically everyone, no matter how emotionally healthy, has periods of distraction when sensing and feeling fade into the background and thoughts or spaciness take over. This is normal but not desirable. Being in your body is an advantage.

Being in your body is also called “being present.”

Several advantages of being present in real time (not future or past) include:

  • Being in touch with feelings
  • Being able to feel safe and to tell actual threats from imagination
  • Experiencing joy more readily
  • Better rapport in social and intimate situations
  • Being in touch with your body is sexy
  • Staying healthier and healing more quickly
  • Greater personal experience of meaning in life events
  • Less prone to accident and injury

Life is precious and goes by fast. The more we show up for it the better it gets!

It is easy to understand why being present a primary aim on many spiritual paths. With or without any kind of belief, showing up fully for life is a spiritual act. When we are connected with ourselves we can connect with life. Being in your body dramatically improves your quality of life.

I will talk more about why we don’t show up in Part III, in the Energy Experiences category of site navigation. LINK

How can you tell when you are really present and what does that feel like for you?

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