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Managing Your Energy Part 69: The Power of Place & Time

I was initially tricked into going to Maui. At twenty-one years old, I had no interest in what I considered a tourist-trap where people went to indulge themselves. As it turns out, Maui could be considered my spiritual home.

When I landed in Maui at twenty-one, my boy friend was supposed to meet me. He taught Greek, and courses on raw foods, fasting, and intestinal cleansing. He was exceptionally smart. He could talk anyone into a paper bag and back out of it—but he was emotionally cowardly. After exhorting me to meet up with him, he left the island the morning of the day I flew in. His best friend Tim met me at the airport. Tim had studied healing with tribes in Africa. I think he was wearing Western garb instead of his loin cloth—which he’d been wearing the first time I’d met him. He had almost white hair, down to his waist, almost ice-clear pale blue eyes, and was quite darkly tanned.

Tim and I shared a tent for a few days. We maintained celibacy, despite the outrageously intense energy that practically crackled if we touched. I swear I could see spots of light where his tough, bare feet hit the ground when we hiked. Totally grounded and in the moment, Tim moved very evenly and rarely spoke. After a few days he managed to shake me off because I talked too much.

Over the next week I ran into Swami Sachadananda—who was a big deal in those days—by a waterfall. We hugged and I felt Light. Two days later, I went on a walk and discovered some people sitting on a hillock that had been hidden in brush, listening raptly to an Indian speaker. I sat down among them. The speaker was Krishnamurti. I also made a chance encounter with the person who set me on my spiritual path. Visiting later, on his land, I accidentally interrupted the man who thirty years later became my spiritual teacher. He was in the last day of a forty day retreat, and was not happy to see me. (For my part, I was shocked and trying to escape.)

I was intellectual and abstract up until this point in my life, averse to spirituality. In that location and at that timing I went through a marked change from the energies and influences to which I was then exposed.

My recent Maui trip gave me the opportunity to spend time with a number of developed healers and spiritual teachers, both during and after the scheduled event. I ran into Ram Dass the morning I left.

Ram Dass 11/2015

Ram Dass 11/2015

We have different options and experiences in different places on the globe. Each place has a different energy influence. Different days and periods of time also hold different possibilities. We tend to treat hours and days like empty containers, all the same size and shape. They are not.

What is possible in one moment is not an option in another.

Likewise, we tend to approach places expecting to be much the same person with the same interests, relationships, and values. Yet each place maintains a mystery of influence, sometimes trivial and at times profound. The influence and extent depend on our chemistry with the place. The timing at which we are exposed to the place amplifies, dampens or mediates its influence. The longer we remain at a place the more influence it exerts.

Learning to sense when to be where is life-changing.

Practice paying attention to the impact places have upon you.

Learn, if you can, to absorb the energy at places that have a good influence.

Practice sensing the best time for you to be somewhere. This can be as simple as leaving to go to the store at a moment when the energy supports it, instead of being automatic, or as challenging as feeling into the best time for a trip, an interview, a gathering, or time alone. Optimizing place and time improves life experience.

What places exert an impact on you, and what is it?

In what ways do you optimize your timing? Is this based on energy you perceive, intuition, logical considerations, feeling, or a combination of cues?

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6 Responses to “Managing Your Energy Part 69: The Power of Place & Time”

  1. Therese 4 December 2015 at 10:37 am #

    As you know, I am in Dauphin Island. I find it interesting that you’re talking about the influences of places because I’ve felt I’m supposed to be here as soon as I found the place. I won’t say I’ve enjoyed being here but I have stayed because I feel there are things for me to learn. I am correct. When I arrived, I was doing quite well health-wise. Since being here my health has been challenged. At first because of the heat. I figured out how to live within parameters which helped my health and allowed me to expand myself.

    I moved to a different location in November. I have experienced a whole new set of challenges here. This is a small campground; only 12 spots. My perceptions and habits of trying to please everyone have been on high alert. My health deteriorated and I spent yesterday evaluating and reassessing how I wish to be in the world. I thought I’d already done this work. Obviously, not enough. Once again, I am learning to take care of me and let others take care of themselves.

    I had always been told, if you can get so your family doesn’t trigger you, you don’t have to be concerned about other people triggering you. Not true. I can deal with my family. They no longer linger in my head after a visit. Being here has been like having every family trigger applied all at once, repeatedly. Overwhelming! I’m on top of it now but it happened so fast I didn’t even realize until I was sick and asking myself why. Big lessons here.

    I would say my timing is based on many cues. I don’t worry about what those cues are, I simply listen to them. I’m not recovered enough to put forth the effort of analyzing myself right now. Maybe later.

    Wonderful post, as usual! Thank you, Teresa!

    With Love,

    • Teresa Dietze 4 December 2015 at 10:57 am #

      Dear Therese,

      You are indeed a spiritual warrior to lean into your issues, using circumstance to enhance growth. It is a guidance call to know when to do that and when to withdraw. I too aim to master the lessons before moving along. This is often the high road.

      (It’s important–and I say this for others–that we do this from inner guidance. This is differs from the weakness of remaining in bad situations because we do NOT do the Inner Work that would give us the strength to leave.)

      Yes, it’s interesting the way our issues are layered, and can arise again in different circumstances and timings.

      It’s great that you take your illness as a cue. Symptoms are a form of guidance.

      Wishing you the robust wellness of being oriented the ways your higher self loves best.



  2. Therese 4 December 2015 at 11:31 am #

    Thank you, Teresa, for your support!

    With Love,

  3. Tom 5 December 2015 at 12:57 am #

    Thanks Teresa !

    Your of the energy crackling between you and Tim , and about feeling your way into a time for a meeting or other event resonated for me.


    • Teresa Dietze 5 December 2015 at 3:21 pm #

      Hello Tom,

      Great to know you’re still around!

      Glad that worked for you.


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