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Manage Your Energy Part 81: Spiritual Retreat Experiences with My Teacher, Part 3: Learning from The Glance

“The heart is a vehicle for the light of the soul to shine through.” ~SAM Lewis

Some esoteric schools use the glance to transmit light, or the energy of different states. The glance can also be used for healing—if the practitioner has garnered and refined a great deal of magnetism.

Learning from the intersection of my inner experience with my Teacher’s glance is powerful and profound. I learn a great deal through his glance— not only its quality, but the timing of when he shares or withholds it. I would almost call this timing “strategic,” except that it is not contrived, controlling, or the result of a mental process, but a natural outcome of living within the flow of Guidance.

It’s taken me some years of experience to understand the complexity of my Teacher’s glance. It is a phenomena. I have had learned lessons through several glances that could not have well been conveyed with Version 2words. Outside of those moments, these things have been consistent:

He pretty much never looks at me when I feel uncomfortable being looked at, want inner privacy, or I want him to for the wrong reasons, such as if I am needy, or coming from personality instead of my essence.

He almost always looks at me when I actually need him, as in when I am extremely vulnerable or shaky entering an unfamiliar state, or raw and facing something deep. His glance is then a tender balm, giving me courage, and I feel amazingly safe. He often looks at me when I reveal a new strength and it serves me to notice it.

The manners I just described are pretty consistent during the times when he is teaching, and less so during a meal or an incidental encounter.

Our eyes often connect in glee when someone says something that strikes us as strangely humorous, for we share an unusual sense of humor. I love those moments! Sometimes we share amazing glances across the circle during group practice, when I successfully catch the energy or state he is transmitting to serve the group, or when I enter into joy or bliss, which naturally seeks to overflow through connection. He may be walking across a room, or busy, yet if I do something kind for someone he often notices and sends me light through his eyes.

My Teacher ignores me if I am seeking to catch a state from him without sincerely aiming to reproduce it myself. He does look at me if I am edging into ego. His glance is calm then, and solid, discerning but not judging, observing. This causes me to do so as well, and when I begin to observe my state he naturally looks away.

My Teacher uses his attention to free me from internal bondage, and to open me to new places within. Alongside the power, there is a delicacy in being able to observe so keenly and to invoke someone’s self awareness without generating the awkwardness of self consciousness. In part, that possibility lives in the alchemy of our connection, including my willingness to remain open to him even if it does sometimes hurt, and to confront the dark as well as the light.

Apparently I broadcast my most private internal states, which are there to see and feel for those who have the capacity to do so. So much more than most of us care to know, those who can see are able to see the things we may hide from ourselves. Contemplating that fact is, I believe, spiritually useful.

I’m fairly certain that to feel really seen by someone requires us to be willing and able to see ourselves.

How do YOU feel about being transparent and about being seen?

What causes us to remain unseen?

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9 Responses to “Manage Your Energy Part 81: Spiritual Retreat Experiences with My Teacher, Part 3: Learning from The Glance”

  1. Tom 14 May 2016 at 1:41 am #

    Thanks again, Teresa. Helpful.


  2. Therese 14 May 2016 at 10:34 am #

    I would think being truly seen would be extremely intimate; not sexual. I would also assume that this seeing can only really be done by people advanced enough to have my best interests at heart. Obviously, from my words, I don’t think I’ve ever felt like I’ve been truly seen.

    With Love,

    • Teresa Dietze 15 May 2016 at 2:22 pm #

      Yes. I think it is true that someone has to be advanced, to allow the impressions of another person to supersede their potential assumptions, projections, etc. Part of it will also be how similar we are, since it’s easier to see those we relate to most easily. Someone highly developed can accurately see those who are very different also.

      As to your last sentence, I kind of thought that might be that case. I hope you get the opportunity! It’s an interesting experience, particularly because the contrast calls into questions the interactions in which we are NOT seen, and what’s going on with that.



      • Therese 16 May 2016 at 7:32 am #

        I think a lot of people feel unseen. I see a strong connection between feeling unseen and the anger/fear so many people feel. I will stop here because I’m feeling a lot of resistance to even bringing up this topic. I think it’s important. My resistance is probably because I’m very tired today and I just don’t want to expend the mental or emotional energy right now.

        With Love,

        • Teresa Dietze 16 May 2016 at 9:07 am #

          Always good to explore resistance–and to respect your needs. 🙂

          I’d be interested in your reflections when you’re rested and comfortable, and wish you ease.

          There is a lot to mine here, if we delve. One interesting conundrum about feeling seen is that when someone does not see his or herself, and is identified with a self image that is not consistent, owing to spotty self-observation, they may FEEL unseen even while being seen. This can be anything from the “you don’t understand me!” dramas common in the teen years to a comfortable recognition that someone simply hasn’t the scope of inner or life experience to perceive one’s integration in its entirety.

          I believe that being seen is a need. That starts at infancy, and is essential at a basic level. There is a continuum of experience starting with being noticed/having a reflection that one exists, extending into being acknowledged and recognized, and being the communion of being perceived fully in one’s essence.



  3. Therese 21 May 2016 at 8:10 am #

    I distinctly remember replying to your comment but I don’t see it here. I don’t remember what all I said so I can’t duplicate it. Hmmm

    With Love,

    • Teresa Dietze 21 May 2016 at 10:01 am #

      That’s frustrating. It’s not here on the site and unacknowledged. If it turns up, I’d love to see it.



  4. Therese 21 May 2016 at 5:50 pm #

    My response was about how I am seen by Nature and animals. Humans usually run what they see through their perceptions and, therefore, may get close but don’t really see. Jeff and, possibly, you come the closest to seeing me. I no longer spend time thinking about being seen. I have Nature and it’s enough. Oh, I just had the thought that Nature sees me because Nature knows it’s enough. Same with the animals. People have to reach the place where they truly understand they are enough before they can really see another. Wow! That’s profound and I know it. I guess it’s a good thing my first response went missing. I’d have not had this insight otherwise. I love how the Universe is so perfect!

    With Love,

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