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Energy Release, Part 1

“Acknowledging the presence of negativity is the first step to putting your life back in order. You can’t change what you refuse to confront.” ~Levine

In this and the following post I will describe an experience I have from time to time, during which I locate and release energy that does not belong with me:

Occasionally, when I do spiritual practices between waking and sleep, I find myself in a state in which I am sensing my body and the energies and sensations related to the practice, and running a related inner exploration. For example, after the a set of practices related to balancing karma and forgiveness, my contemplations stimulated me to review whether or not I was harboring any emotional reactivity toward those who may have done me some type of injustice. I was gently and detachedly reviewing this topic, and checking my body sensations.

As I did this I began to notice energies from other people, which had become lodged in me. Some of these lodged because of my reactions to them, others because they were strong projections that I was unable to keep out owing to incidents in my history making the energies so similar that I hadn’t filtered or sorted them. Many of these projections consisted of, for example, inner child projections from people who fervently desired me to caretake them in some way. I felt responsible for my mother’s feelings and emotional needs as IMG_7718a child. I was now finding some related energies that had been lodged in me for years.

I have noticed that after periods of significant personal growth, I tend to find and release layers or pockets of energy that no longer belongs with me. I see this type of release with clients too, during profound growth. The energies we identify with are not accessible until that growth takes place and we no longer identify with them. At this point related energies release, or the issues show up, and different types of release occur as one reorients and experiences one’s self differently.

In that state between wake and sleep, I experience these types of energies mainly through sensation, although sometimes they show up like dark or fuzzy/static-y spots or areas when I scan internally, which is more of less visual. These spots or areas of sensation always have a specific location. Some may reside in chakras, some in my energy fields, some in organs, and occasionally in my spine. I might feel the energy as a stinging burn, an ache, congestion, slight nausea, contraction, antsyness or deadness in the area. The sensations change or resolve after the associated energy or “impression” releases. The emotional charge on any related issue decreases right away when the energies release.

Are you able to sense when there is energy in your body that does not belong with you?

What do you notice in your energy and in your body when something is present that does not belong?

Can you discern whether what you are sensing originates from within yourself, or from an external source?

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11 Responses to “Energy Release, Part 1”

  1. Sabine 23 June 2017 at 12:25 pm #

    Last year, while receiving a Craniosacral treatment, I suddenly sensed the presence of a friend who had died six years earlier (& had asked me to help her/be present during the six months from her diagnosis to death). I sensed She’d been “hanging out” in me b/c I was comfortable and she hadn’t known where else to go. There was nothing malicious about it. I visualized releasing her and telling her her father (whom she dearly loved) was waiting for her and would guide her to where she needed to go. She left willingly and my whole body felt as though it had “Alka Seltzer-like” bubbles floating off of it — that kind of thing? (There’s more, maybe we can set up an appointment soon :-).

    • Teresa Dietze 23 June 2017 at 1:34 pm #

      Nice to hear from you, Sabine. Thank you for sharing your experience.

      Happy to set something up.



  2. Therese 24 June 2017 at 10:21 am #

    I’m not as finely tuned as I’d like to be. So, yes, I can sense what is happening within my body, yes I can tell if it’s mine (on one level it’s always mine), and yes I can release what is others and call back what I’ve carelessly misplaced. Hopefully, at some point, this will be a moot point; that’s where I want to arrive. Admittedly, there are times when I consciously take on someone’s stuff to transmute it for them. That’s a completely different situation.

    It’s lovely to see you back, Teresa. ❤️

    With Love,

    • Teresa Dietze 24 June 2017 at 3:32 pm #

      Yes, yes, and yes! 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement. I always appreciate and enjoy your comments.

      Glad to have the bandwidth to write. 🙂



  3. Kelly 24 June 2017 at 3:50 pm #

    Hey T this is Kelly, it’s been so long! So this is right up my ally, fortunately for writing but challenging to live with the reality as an uber empath. I will tell you that from my experience there are many ways that we pick up these energies: at conception and in womb we inherit unresolved ancestral energies as well as the energies of our parents at that time. They reside in our energy bodies. As children we are unified with the environment we live in until we begin to individuate and often beyond depending upon awareness, nervous systems, family boundaries and so forth. We may think that something belonged to us that did not, it could have a family members thought, feeling or belief. I have personally absorbed and transmuted through my body most of the energies in my environment my entire life and was unaware for most of it. That meant that once aware I had a backlog to resolve that had not been literally digested through my body. Yes, I have had a long life of illness and strange experiences. I also had to recognize in real time when something entered and try to sort it out. Not everyone has boundaries and not everyone can build them. There are many lessons that come from living this life.

    Although I have been told that I am unique in my level of absorption, I believe everyone carries energies that did not originate inside of their personal life experience. Most assume it is just a part of themself or give little thought to why they react or feel certain ways, or have behaviors or fears that may not have a lived experience in the lifetime of the person experiencing it.

    I do this work often with myself and others and feel it is crucial in healing work to first remove the energies that are not personal in order to get clear about what is ours. There are two things about this that are important. Sometimes a person will draw issues that are in resonance with personal life traumas and lessons. Like draws like. Second, you can also carry an entire interpersonal dynamic. Say a child in a divorced family later is experiencing issues that seem bewildering and have no memory of the day dad walked out the door. IT is not uncommon to find the thoughts and feelings of everyone who was there residing in the person’s energy field surrounding the part that split off to survive. I have gone through this hundreds of times with people and it is a wonderful gift to actually experience each person’s perspective, clear them then recover the little self and be able to change the story based upon the new information and adult perspective. Often there are assumptions during events like these, misunderstandings that entire lives are written on and having the chance to experience it through the other’s energy really is healing. A new story with new energy.

    So how do you know that these energies are there? For some it may come in a dream or they may feel like they are not eating their soup the way they eat their soup but rather it kinda feels like how dad ate his soup? This requires a very subtle mind and awareness, but you can easily begin to track the energy once you recognize a point of departure from your normal way of being. Or say you look and feel a little big in your face or upper body. You check into it with your awareness and get nothing specific so you ask to be shown who this belongs to. Again, subtle awareness is required but the information is always there and cannot lie. They are energy imprints.

    That seems clear enough. How about when you have something foreign going on and have no guideposts, as in familiar people that this energy resembles? This occurs for me often and I usually sense that I am having supper intense feelings that are amplified beyond what is called for in the moment. It happens with my partner or the barista. I may draw her rage at her parent as it joins with my anger over something similar, but we may both be unaware of what is occurring. Again, detective work and subtle awareness will usually bring forth info and if not we just ask for those who are here to help to do so. 🙂 These scenarios often lead to healing. I have an unfortunate knack for drawing unresolved energies in people around me but can often help them track something they may have no memory of but is ready to return for healing. I was able to help a women who had a negative view of her parents relationship. She came in one day to do other work but it was clear by the energy in her field that the moment of her father’s passing and her mother’s care was up to be witnessed. We were able to identify and follow the energy which allowed the client to see an entirely new perspective, from within her parent’s relationship, and heal her feelings about their relationship by understanding other ways of loving one another. It was a very powerful experience given the energy of death remained. I was the one who recognized the energy but was able to guide her to it at which point all the doors opened up experientially.

    A different example and personal one; I was aware of carrying energies I had no context for but one day I was working with my healer and we welcomed those who had come to help. For 2 hrs I laid on a couch as an energy that had entered me while my body was developing, my mother also draws energies easily, and had been literally woven into my being and had always been with me was removed. I could recognize it was an older man and that he needed me for energy, was lost and didn’t know to go back to the light to get another body…. a vampire of sorts but not intentionally harmful, lost. The process was unbelievable, unraveling in my spine and organs, emotions and thoughts. I experienced huge energetic waves that changed direction over the 2 hours, pulses and in the end an unbelievable amount of grief as though I was losing a part of myself as he left. It was incredible, bewildering and very emotional only to then have the Being who helped act as a place holder until I was filled over the next week with me-ness. How did I know? She was yellow and sang through me in a way that I and my partner can assure you I do not sing. IT was a loss when she too left for I was allowed to experience her life energy which was by far much clearer and purer than mine.

    I have hundreds of these stories but at bottom you must have a sincere interest in energy and your sense of self.

    AH, I feel I must add one more story. I was bothered for months on and off by what I would call a black shaman. I say this because he was so sophisticated in how he merged seamlessly with my energy then would ‘step out’ in moments when he knew I’d recognize something was not me, say a feeling like I just wanted to kill someone. I couldn’t shake it, he was not going to let me rest and I sought a lot of help. Finally through a chain of people it resolved but I would be blind to how it occurred really for a year. I had 3 people working with me on this, but one had contacted a shaman in another part of the world. To this day she is upset that this was revealed to me, but it was best because I had made up some story about how it happened to come into being. I had prayed my ass off and thought Jesus and Buddha showed up in answer to my prayer, little did I know that this person had sent the energy. The good shaman had sent the Christ energy and flooded my body with it for 24 hrs while showing me how the energy was being removed not just from me but the earth. Lets say a lot of high beings were involved and an unbelievable radiance of love. The point though is I was able to recognize it but I needed help to remove it. Energies like this are sophisticated and do seek to instill fear… I never believed in this type of stuff, but the direct experience taught me that my beliefs don’t mean anything when stood up against reality!

    I now see that everything has its own unique energy imprint. You can experiment for yourself by finding a great tree, a powerful tree like a redwood and ask to come into energetic alignment with it. Ask Mount Ranier. Ask to be helped to experience it in an way you could recognize it. There are glorious trees just waiting for you to ask. There is one that I am aware of and have direct experience with that is a spiritual teacher, another consistently comes to my aid to help clear my energy. This world is full of the incredible and we are a part of it. I think we are all working energies that do not belong to us daily, but some do imbed or pester or have hung out in the dark corners unnoticed and need to be sent on their way. They can never get what they need through another nor we through others. This is a journey for all of us to remember our power even in the midst of realizing we will never be able to fully know ourselves.

    I hope this was helpful and shed light on several ways this can happen, how to begin to recognize it, accept it and work with it or call in help!

    • Therese 26 June 2017 at 10:20 pm #

      Thank you for sharing, Kelly! That’s a lot of information and while I understand and relate to most of it, I find myself feeling like I need to go within and explore these concepts more deeply. I appreciate your sharing your experiences because I feel guided to spend some time seeing where I may have missed some things. I will look more closely and see what there is to discover in what you’ve shared.

      With Love,

      • Kelly 27 June 2017 at 9:39 pm #

        Hey Therese!
        That was a lot of info but it flowed seemlessly so I let it be and trust there are nuggets for someone, myself included sometimes! This too will be long…it’s my nature and I’m grateful T puts it up even though….

        As my awareness has been forced to grow more and more subtle I’ve come to see that most of my partner relationship dynamics over the past year stem from my partners family dynamics that are attached to parts of my partner seeking completion and integration. Each new part that comes to integrate carries new relational dynamics and frankly it can seem like it is our relationship. I came to know each of her parents energetically so well from the repetition off the dynamics I could quickly discern who was involved and the emotional theme. This helps my partner over several days and sometimes weeks to recall a part of herself that was hanging around in her field readying to integrate. It is frustrating for her that I pick it up first but it only makes sense given this has been split off for so long. I believe nearly all humans are just recycling these dynamics unbeknownst to themselves. It’s all derivitave and very little is actually generative, fresh from spirit. If you follow this inside yourself you’ll understand what spiritual traditions mean when they say we must overcome our conditioning. We are built on public material: family, past people, friends society and so forth.

        This begs the question, who am I? Or you? When you really watch everything closely you must ask who is watching and what is it? I’ll leave it here because the journey is rich for the sincere seeker. That said you can just recycle what other teacher have said and never really know experientially. It awaits us all and as you know, it takes guts until a true deep knowing arises from experience.

        In love for you on your journey,

  4. Therese 28 June 2017 at 5:32 am #

    Thank you for sharing about your partner’s experience. Yes, some time during the past 2 years I’ve become deeply aware that everything I think I am has come to me from outside myself. Like your partner, it can be really difficult to see the habits that aren’t really me and then figure out what is really me. We’ve been conditioned out of being ourselves for so long it can be difficult, if not impossible, to remember who we are. Plus, there’s crap we pick up in utero so we are already influenced before birth. I’m fortunate that I can connect really strongly with Source so I’m often able to simply ask what I need to do, what path is best for me, why certain things are happening, etc.

    I know, when I’m deeply connected, I’m in such a calm happy (sometimes blissful) state. My Ego asks, “Who am I if I am in this connected state where I am one with All? What about me, as just me?” Logically, I know I am not just me but emotionally the conditioning is strong and a part of me resents being part of a whole and not just me.

    I hadn’t intended to go off on what feels like a related tangent but, as you said, it flowed so I went there. Lol.

    Thank you for your Love. I wish much Love for you and your partner both individually and as a couple. I enjoy the process of two people growing together through their individual paths. I find the process unexpected, enlightening, and enjoyable.

    With Love,

    • Kelly 28 June 2017 at 10:51 pm #

      Maybe you are the whole and you, like the atom appearing as we intend to see it. Or maybe you are a twelve story building and each level offers you a different experience of self. 😉

      Love and blessings!

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