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Dealing with External Energies Part 2: Shielding & Energy Protection

Beginners in the art of managing subtle energy are often taught to protect and shield themselves from outside influences. One of my own mentors, an advanced healer with staggering talent, caught me before I learned this type of skill—and put the nix on it.

A Viet Nam veteran, my mentor could discourse for hours on everything from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to contributions to our understanding of consciousness from different Buddhist sects throughout history. He told me shielding is like a Band-Aid; not a real solution. He maintained that becoming transparent to energies and letting them pass through without sticking was a much higher art than attempting to keep influences out.

Before I we go on, I will admit that I felt extremely vulnerable and chagrinned at the time. I had no idea how to manage my sensitivity. We were in a whole house full of people at a healing workshop in which novices were messing with each other’s energy. My mentor had me sit still, carefully sensing my body and feeling my safety issues instead of running around or jabbering. Apparently I survived.

Protection may provide a quick way to feel safe. I have endured situations that did require measures of protection, which I learned later from a powerful clairvoyant healer who had participated in military Remote Viewing programs. While perhaps essential over the short term in unusual circumstances, I agree that protection is not the best way to deal with sensitivity to external energies. This is why:

  • Trying to protect from the outside does not address the energy issues on the inside that cause us to be unsafe.
  • Most methods of protection do not lead to or enhance spiritual and emotional development.
  • Fearful motivations cultivate defensiveness.
  • Putting layers between yourself and the world may reduce contact with energies that benefit you.
  • When you do pick up external energy this is a form of guidance. It shows you where you need to work on yourself to be clear.
  • You may mask information that it is useful or important to be aware of.
  • It’s easy to confuse your own mental, emotional or energetic material with something from the outside and try to remove or repel it.
  • Working on the energies in yourself that allow influences to impact you makes excellent use of your experiences and will help you to develop depth, strength, discernment, and clarity.

Advanced healers and energy masters do strengthen their energy fields. They may even build in structures that are protective. But the intention is not defensive. They are working with positive intention, not from fear. There is a major difference between bringing in energies that unsavory energy will not stick to, and trying to wall it off.

Bringing in positive energies successfully relies on the personal clarity that comes from acknowledging and handling our own energies and issues. Protective actions, taken by someone who does not confront their issues, are like locking the front door when a punk in the basement is going in and out without shutting the door.

Defensive energy without looking inside yourself at your own issues works about the same as refusing to talk about things when we’re feeling uncomfortable in a relationship. The energy hangs around without being dealt with. And that beaver-dam of blocked energy causes disturbances.

Becoming aware of our own interior contents allows us to deal with the energy that belongs to us. Situations become less charged, simpler, and more manageable when we’re not aggravating them by reacting from a stockpile of unresolved issues.

We’ll go into more detail in the next post. My book discusses energy protection in even greater detail, including specifics about when and why we pick up energy from others, and what to do about it.

Please share these posts with those who may benefit.

What does your energy feel like when you are defensive compared to when you are using good sense to stay safe?
Have you noticed that the things you want to do when you are uncomfortable stop you from doing the things that can get you past it once and for all?

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7 Responses to “Dealing with External Energies Part 2: Shielding & Energy Protection”

  1. Jonathan Evatt 6 January 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    Dear Teresa,
    Wow. I found your site from a link you placed on the beingherd.com site, which I found because Teri on that site shared her article on the Human Empowerment group I set up on LinkedIn. The wonders of the Internet.

    I’ve just spent half an hour or more taking a look at many of your articles. In my opinion, you’ve done a truly wonderful job of elucidating many important principles and key understandings pertaining to living with greater energetic sensitivity, developing healthy and effective boundaries, being grounded and connected to the body, and oh so much more. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing as you do.

    With heart,


    • Teresa Dietze 19 January 2012 at 10:42 am #

      Dear Jonathan,

      Thank you so much for your comment, and your work in the world supporting consciousness.

      Since I don’t really have the time or stomach for marketing, and my work makes people think, I don’t have heaps of readers, so it’s really fun for you to turn up! It is a labor of love to wrestle the realm of energy and intuition into every day words.

      Your heart really comes across in your writing. Thanks again for your note, and do drop in again!

      Sincere blessings,


  2. Jonathan Evatt 19 January 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    >> “It is a labor of love to wrestle the realm of energy and intuition into every day words”
    Yes, indeed, although you do it well. In recent years I’ve become increasingly aware of just how much and how significantly the vast majority of people are affected by “external energies” most especially “entities”; or what are called Malu (Life-taking spirits) in a tradition I was introduced to through two Kahuna (Shaman Priests of an ancient Hawaiian tradition). I devoted a small section to it in a book I published back in 2008, but I often feel I gave it far too little attention, and almost feel inclined to write a small book (or website) dedicated to this subject alone. Anyway… Life has me writing other things at present, so that’s taking priority.

    I’ve read more of your articles, and even the above one in more detail, and I can only reiterate my commendation of your work. Thank you.

    I hear you regarding “marketing”. Not something I excel at. At least not for my own work. I’ve been publishing web content online since the late 90’s (over 400 printed pages, or so my editor tells me)… yet as far as I can tell, it continues to mostly be for my own expression and entertainment… and for a few who take the time to read. I enjoy it, and that’s what matters. Life takes care of the rest.

    Regarding avoiding the influence of outside energies… I agree, Transparency is the key. The Yogi, the Mystic, the Sage… is free to go anywhere because she is transparent to the world around. Nothing sticks.

    With heart,


    • Teresa Dietze 29 January 2012 at 3:47 pm #

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thank you for this lovely note.

      The topic of external energies is vitally important, rarely handled with clean intelligence. I wrote an entire book to create a context within which to share information on this topic, and to bring it forth. I was ready to promote it, and to get the e-book form into print. At that point one of my mentors–who was very enthusiastic about my book–stopped me in my tracks. He had reflected on my situation and said that my intuitive sensitivity would be a liability for me if I got my book out there to a lot of people. He said that people with intense energy issues who DID NOT want to do their inner work to release them would stew about it and think of me, and this would impact my energy. (This man teaches energy boundaries and protection and is a genuine Qi Gong and martial arts master.)

      Yes, by keeping my personal balance at every moment I might be able to allow energy from this source to pass through. We do, however, come in and out of ideal balance as we address life situations and deeper spiritual work. I am happy to say that I rarely pick Stuff up any more.

      Taking a successful stand on this topic might have made me the person to go to with type of issue. I prefer to work with people on profound integration and wellness instead of being in the front line dealing almost exclusively with the most negative of energies.

      This being said, I still feel drawn to help those who–like myself initially–are good hearted people who are compromised by energies that do not belong with them. I made a website that sells gizmos that take these energies out. They seem silly but they actually work. The url for that site is http://positiveenergytools.com
      My e-book is at http://keepyourenergyclear.com should you find it of interest.

      All Good Wishes,


  3. Therese 30 July 2016 at 9:54 am #

    I came to this conclusion last year about how external energies affect me only if they connect with a resistance within me. Since that realization, I have made considerable progress in releasing my “stuff.” I’m appreciative of both the opportunity to release my stored emotions and the opportunity to notice when I no longer react to an old trigger.

    I believe letting go of those reactions helps me to maintain my energy. Reacting sucks the life force out of me.

    I’m off. As always I have loved reading your post. Thank you so much for sharing!

    With Love,

  4. Kelly 30 July 2016 at 5:07 pm #

    Hey T! I’m returning from the great beyond and delighted to see this post and welcome Jonathan to your brilliance! I have missed you, buzzed by your ‘hood’ to help a friend a few weeks back and sent love, love, love to you and your abode. We will walk… 

    I have to jump in here and say amen to your clear remarks and to acknowledge that most of humanity is drowning in the mass soup of the human mind in need of transformation.

    Some people believe the material is theirs alone while others may be pointing the finger at another, but most remain unaware of how the impersonal compounds the personal, let alone that it is one big soup we all partake in! The individual with the subtle mind has a chance to see these dynamics if they have the courage to open in a sincere effort to understand what the hell is going on in their life and the world around us.

    In one sense, all of this is personal ( I see it is our agreement to clean up some of the stockpile as well) for each of us carries personal traumas from our own life experiences as well as fears, beliefs and so forth that have also been passed forth miasmatically (historical energies still seeking resolution- think of epigenetic energies that inform genetics) at conception. Then there are all the layers of conditioning that we swim in from conception onward from family, community, religion, society and the time and place of humanity we are born into. Each of these acts as magnets drawing similar energies towards us. Can you feel the landfill of material to be cleared up?

    I used to be oblivious to my dynamic of drawing in energies from the environment and expressing them. Once awareness dawned on me I felt like I was drowning in ‘it’, frantic to keep it out and soon realized that protection was a joke for me. (This work is ongoing as anyone sincerely doing this will tell you that once you have excavated and resolved your material, you still will experience energies that are less personal, but that offer new information for you to take in under far less hostile dynamics.)

    Now, this does not mean that it is not wise to set up a safe place to do your work, but the goal really is not the continual exhaustion of building more walls and defenses. Rather it is radical acceptance which should not be considered as a one step process, but as an ongoing integration of these fractured parts back into the whole. Ah, the great integration – as above, so below…

    My path quickly revealed that I had to resolve my personal experiences in life, the impersonal conditioning in my life as well as the miasmatic forces that were passed forward if I was to really going to feel free. Freedom for me (in the world, but not of the world) is the ability to be fully embodied, open to all of the energies of life while allowing them to flow through me (transparent)… in all eventuality; no longer defending my personal territory(the goal of integration), but the divine radiance of that which is seeking expression through this form. The paradox of the personal and impersonal is always at play for me and not in a simple dynamic the longer I do this work. This is a tough as hell road to walk, right through the center of it, not around it and not for everyone at this time. As always, it is simple to write these words and a terrifying death walk to actually do the work. Guidance is a blessing and sign you are ready in my opinion.

    Having a clear idea of what it is I am moving towards and recognizing the obstacles (obstacles give the essence of what I think of as me) as my path, this provides the compass in times of bewilderment. Yes, a temporary safe haven, a boundary, helps to sort through the experience, but it is not a wall built for freedom from that out there. There is no out there!!! This is not a true statement on our everyday experience of life, but it is an ultimate truth.

    Inner transformation will not only free you of the boogie man at the door, but it may just liberate that other energy too.

    Take down those walls!

    Sending love to you, T, for your devotion to raising awareness, coupled with practical help to ensure results for those ready for this leg of their journey.


  5. Kelly 30 July 2016 at 5:18 pm #

    Wow! I walked away from the computer and realized that many of us sensitive folks likely have to integrate the trauma of our sensitivity to these energies. This has been sitting there all along, but your post stirred me to write and upon reflection I could see clearly a current drama around this experience of no boundary, but not transparent, as a child. IT is a trauma that has been reenacted in my relationship! I’ve got work to do!!!

    This is the beauty of the work to all who read this. There comes a point when you are no longer fearful of what else lurks, but rather you are hunting down remaining walls! It becomes a joyful game of liberation, even if from just this one trauma!

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