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Being In Your Body, Part III

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Being in your body has great advantages, as we discussed in Part II. Being in your body is not always easy. Those who have experienced some form of abuse tend to dissociate. Dissociation means less awareness of sensation and emotion. Dissociation breaks down our ability to be in touch with everyday life.

GhostyBeing out of touch with the body is a survival defense against intense pain, including emotional pain. Paradoxically, being out of the body slows down healing. This is because we need to be able to feel what is going on to express it and move past it.

The term “being out of the body” usually means to be in a trance-like state. Or asleep. Or dead.

Being in the body is a relative condition. I don’t have any really good terms for being not in and not out. Our normal human condition flows back and forth between states of partial body awareness, sometimes more vividly connected to sensation and feeling, sometimes so focused between our ears that the body is like a vehicle for the brain.

Those who have experienced intense trauma and dissociate are different than people who are focused in their minds to the exclusion of their bodies. Trauma can brings out talents and capacities less common in people who have lived more comfortably.

Most but not all highly intuitive people and almost all psychics have been traumatized, tearing the veils between ordinary perception and direct perception of energy. By direct perception of energy, I mean awareness of what happens with energy has become nearly as obvious as looking at objects.

Some advantages of being ultra-aware of energy are:

  • Exquisite sensitivity
  • Being able to sense what is going on with people and what has happened in places
  • Feeling what others feel
  • Developing compassion
  • Natural skill at healing arts
  • Being in touch with the greater whole, like feeling the sunset and the plants growing
  • Being more easily able to merge with others
  • Access to extra information about subtle things that are going on such as when someone’s words and energy do not match

It is ideal to be in your body and also be highly aware of energy. Success blending these modes of being generally takes time and the assistance of skilled teachers, healers or guides. You need to integrate the world of energy awareness with the practical world in addition to healing from any trauma. Martial arts, qi gong and yoga can aid this goal.

Being in the body is a great and on-going goal for almost everyone! Even if you want to leave your body via intense meditation or energy practices you will find that being fully present in your body the rest of the time is a tremendous advantage.

What have you experienced with energy sensitivity?

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