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27 October 2009 0 Comments

Authentic Expression Promotes Healing

Authentic Expression Promotes Healing

Cultivating authentic expression and self-respect enhances all physical healing. The path to healing and self-respect begins with knowing ourselves.

Authentic expression is a means to become whole. Being real is not just for the therapy room,Authentic but a way of bringing meaning and value to daily life. Our sense of meaning and joy is not enhanced by pretense or denying feeling but by seeking to live with authenticity.

Genuine self-knowledge opens the door to spirituality. Please bear with me and let me say why! Real love is required to see and accept ourselves. Deep self-knowledge involves healing the parts of ourselves that cannot accept love.  As we go deeper into healing we discover that spirituality is not so much about believing some creed or doing something with a group. Our true, core spirituality is about two things: Wholeness, and Unconditional Love. This is the link between spirituality and healing.

You do not need to think of yourself as a spiritual person or do so-called spiritual things to heal. You just need to be open to knowing yourself as you really are, and be willing to extend kindness to yourself when you find the parts that call for compassion. Healing is a return to wholeness. It is enhanced by kindness and compassion.