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25 July 2010 2 Comments

Inner Work, Part 3: The Fruits of Inner Work

Inner Work, Part 3: The Fruits of Inner Work

DSC00672A consistent habit of Inner Work develops within you a central hub of self-observation. This capacity becomes a part of your core–central to you. It is like an inner diamond with facets that face each aspect of your personality equally, or like the center of a wheel. Each aspect of you is a spoke. The diamond image implies clarity and value. The spoke image implies direct connection between your core and the rim—expression and behavior.

Developing a central hub of awareness through effective Inner Work offers the following benefits:

  • Inner strength
  • Greater emotional balance
  • Impartial observation
  • Discernment
  • A more compassionate perspective
  • Extended capacity for real Choice
  • Evenness, from being less reactive
  • Greater ease in managing criticism from others
  • Reduced need for approval
  • Increased ability to remain consistent with your values
  • Capacity for true commitment
  • Personal agency/power
  • Ability to be true to yourself
  • Clarity regarding what is authentic and what is not
  • Greater capacity for honesty
  • Increased understanding of self and others
  • Increased capacity for authentic intimacy

Inner Work is the process of coming to know exactly who you really are, beneath all masks and behind all blind spots. As you become established in your sense of self you will be less afraid that you can lose this self to another.

The fruits of Inner Work take time to ripen and become sweeter as they do. Initial exercises in self-observation can “taste” like unripe fruit. Yet for self-observation to serve us we need to be able to do it at the times when it is difficult. As long as we check out during the moments when we are strangers to ourselves we have no real will or personal authority when we need it most.

The nature of unconsciousness is that when we are uncomfortable, scared, bored or hostile we tend to look out instead of looking in. This is like missing some of the footage on a film. We lack continuity of perception. Inner work is learning to stick around and watch ourselves as this is going on.

Continuity in self-observation is a huge challenge. If you take it on, it may be the most important thing you will ever do in your life.

DSC00755Every time you remember to notice that you are breathing, and bring your awareness fully to the moment is like putting a penny in a piggy bank. Each fully aware breath is a reward in the moment. Each breath builds equity in your capacity to string moments together and stay with yourself, Awake.

Your life cannot be transformed without changing the quality and focus of your moments. Consistently collecting a lucid moment here and a moment of awareness there transforms your entire life. If you are waiting for the coconut of enlightenment to fall upon your sleeping head, you may be sleeping under the tree when the angel of death comes along to claim you. Wake up one moment at a time.

Many different techniques lend themselves to waking up in the moment. Are these techniques Inner Work? It depends on whether or not you are working on that core diamond. I discuss the difference between Inner Work and various techniques in my next post: Inner Work Part 4: Inner Work and Self Development Techniques

Remember: Picking roses can be another chore to cross off your list or a lovely experience, depending on the quality of attention you bring to it.

Have you had a moment of lucid awareness that has inspired you or changed your life? It would be great to see your story or other comment on this post.

27 October 2009 10 Comments

My Mission

My Mission

Remember what it was like walking the halls in Junior High? I, at least, was awkward and social involvement could be painful. In the midst of the stew of hormones and the demands for adjustment by the world came moments of lucid insight. I know some amazing young people. Many children receive clear inner guidance. We are open to life before we become self-conscious about what we believe.

When I was thirteen, walking those halls on my way to Girl’s Glee (singing) an internal voice told me quite clearly that my life mission involved writing a book in my mid years as an adult. This message cut through the hubbub in the hall, my hormonal mayhem, and my mish-mash of thoughts. My determined-to-be-on-time pace slacked. It was odd and irrelevant to get a compelling message out of the blue! I thought, What the heck? How do I know what I will do as an adult? and rushed to class.

MissionThe message surfaced on and off through my life, like a reminder. I began to take it as a given that I had to write a book. When I felt the information I had was the right stuff, then I wrote for seven years, daunted by the exposure involved with finishing my book. It was too complex. I had too much information. I wasn’t ready.

During another lucid moment my internal guidance said, “Market it or throw it out.” I detest marketing. Now I have built this website, my Being Total site, Facebook page, etc for one purpose: To assist those who are aware of or sensitive to subtle energies to live joyful, authentic, powerful lives.

“What Healer’s Won’t Tell You: The Smart Consumers’ Guide to Getting Top Quality Health Care” holds the most vital keynotes of my message. It contains information that should be in the hands of every care provider, healer, massage therapist, and client.