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15 December 2009 0 Comments

Spiritual Community Part 3: Mutual Discovery, Energy Grids

Spiritual Community Part 3: Mutual Discovery, Energy Grids

My next encounter, in the main house, began with similar questions but took a totally different direction. I understood that all that was required of me was my earnestness. Still, I had determined to regain my sense of personal sovereignty and establish my own direction without offending any protocols or people. I said, “I have noticed that there are some rules here, yet they are not clear to me. Spiritual groups have different requirements. Can you please tell me exactly what they are so I can honor them appropriately? I would like to fit in gracefully without having to guess what they may be. This way I can also be free by knowing when and where there is space to do things on my own.”

My contact person on the property—who I was immediate quite fond of—rewarded me with useful and interesting information about the functioning of E.J.’s group. We had some wonderful conversations about our spiritual histories. She also allowed me to relieve her back pain by putting her right kidney in place.

ThePondDefining several terms will make it easier to communicate what I want to share. Every group has what can be called a grid, which is to say a pattern of energy shaped by the structure of that group. The grid expresses–and once established also maintains–the patterning of that group. It reflects limits, intentions, and boundaries. The grid determines, from an energy perspective, the shape the group takes. Grids can be associated with time.

Individuals have grids also. Our grids hold the aspect of memory that shapes experience—for better or worse. Grids can be considered the masculine element because they structure and define.

The feminine aspect or balance for the grid can be called ‘flow.’ Flow is unstructured, undefined, and freeform. Flow can be associated with space. Flow has no boundaries. Merging with others or the environment, sensing, intuition, and lack of definition are aspects of flow.

13 December 2009 2 Comments

Spiritual Community Part 2: Through the Fog

Spiritual Community Part 2: Through the Fog

A gentleman who had been teaching topics that fascinate me for years dropped by E.J. Gold’s Brane Power Center to meet with me. He asked politely what had possessed me to show up, and after listening carefully, escorted my vehicle to one of the group’s several properties.

I drove through thick, roiling fog, up and down country roads with no clue where I was going. The trip seemed like an initiation into a secret society, particularly as the only thing that showed besides a short stretch of road was the crescent moon and one clear planet right above me. My old van lurched down a narrow, puddled dirt road and pulled into the driveway where I would be staying for several days.

My escort and I entered one of a few houses on the country land. We sat by a fire waiting for people to return, discussing spiritual principles and links to persons and organizations held in common. He left me in my van after making a few calls. Eventually someone tapped on my door and I came in to tea, starting over with inquiries.

Everyone I encountered required me to answer the Why Did You Come Here question. GrassValleyRoadI learned to summarize: My inner guidance told me to come. Morning came with clear skies and frost lifting in beguiling tendrils of fog from beneath old oaks on golden and sea foam colored grass. Stiff from two days’ drive I began walking along the driveway, unsure whether to approach the house.

A car pulled up abruptly: WhoAreYouAndWhatAreYouDoingHere? Don’t walk that way, walk the other way, our property is here.

Okay . . . I felt slightly stung but the driver, who had returned for keys, stopped again to apologize for being abrupt. She had been in pain.

11 December 2009 0 Comments

Spiritual Community Part 1: Discovery

Spiritual Community Part 1: Discovery

When I read “Practical Work On Self” and led a spiritual group based on its contents, I had assumed that E.J. Gold, the renowned spiritual teacher who authored, it had been a contemporary of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. In other words: dead. Seeking permission to record his book and post it online I called a center connected with his work. E. J., I soon discovered, was as alive as anyone can be, living in California. I resolved to meet him in person before this situation had a chance to change.

DiscoveryMy initial discovery of E.J.’s group began with feeling disoriented and a bit lost. I arrived in the trendy little town of Grass Valley–where E.J.’s Brain Power Center is located–in the middle of pouring down rain. Although I was expected, a number of calls had to be made to various persons to determine what to do with me. Much of the community was at a concert. I got the impression that I was to be managed, and that there was a protocol for managing me and no one whose job it was to do so, yet I was left in the dark as to what this might be, waiting for people to return from a concert.

In a limbo state I used the Beacon Box E.J. had invented. This gizmo is like a wireless radio made with crystals wrapped with wire. It has hard science behind its function, which is to assist in locating and reclaiming parts of ourselves from different dimensions, to integrate them in the process of becoming healthy and whole. E.J. had made CDs for each specific energy frequency, to help integrate the energy at that frequency. This technology is related to a radio E.J. invented that works without electricity owing to the ways radio waves interact with crystals that contain traces of certain metals.

During hypnotic inductions on these CDs E.J. holds the grid related to the frequency he is transmitting and invites the listener to take in and stabilize that frequency. The frequencies he used had to do with specific parallel dimensions. Holding the grid means exerting intention to keep the specific energy clear and stable so it can snap-lock in when we become open to it. We learn frequencies and to adopt grids by having them modeled to us. I’ll say more about grids in Part II.

30 October 2009 119 Comments

Do You See the Dead?

Do You See the Dead?

Or can you tell who is about to die? Seeing The Dead

The first thing I did after spending a 14-hour day birthing this website was to run—literally—down to the neighborhood store. My butt was numb and my head so stuffed full of thoughts I felt like it could crumble apart and disgorge its contents like a rotting pumpkin! Brisk movement felt great. I had no idea why I was going to the store. Didn’t need anything. I just went.

Almost immediately I found myself chatting with a clerk I had shared causal talk with for a few years. I told him about this site. Suddenly we were discussing his ‘gift’—knowing when people are about to die. He had been accurate within a few days with several friends. This ability was relatively new for him, following an accident. As you can imagine, managing this gift was challenging. I will not share his details.

He was not the first person I know with such a gift. I know well at least three otherwise perfectly normal people who have the same ‘gift’ the boy in the movie “The Sixth Sense” had. They see dead people. Not all the time, but on occasion. For the man I know best this started quite young. Soldiers who had died in the civil war visited him. (He told me I could share this.) His imagery was so vivid that he began to look up photos in books to identify their regiments from the buttons on their uniforms.

This man told no one of his gift until he told me in his late forties. He feared people would think he was insane, and used to drink to try and suppress feeling. Later he learned to manage his gift more smoothly and to be at peace with his intense sensitivity.

I do not see the dead myself, although I do feel them occasionally when they have unfinished business with one of my clients. This is usually a loving parent.

This post is to break the ice with this type of topic. These abilities are not uncommon. If you or to someone you love sees the dead or knows when people will pass please comment. Much of the world is finally ready to accept your gifts. Let’s help each other through discussion.

27 October 2009 0 Comments

Being In Your Body, Part III

Being In Your Body, Part III

(Part II is under the Healing tab in site navigation.) LINK

Being in your body has great advantages, as we discussed in Part II. Being in your body is not always easy. Those who have experienced some form of abuse tend to dissociate. Dissociation means less awareness of sensation and emotion. Dissociation breaks down our ability to be in touch with everyday life.

GhostyBeing out of touch with the body is a survival defense against intense pain, including emotional pain. Paradoxically, being out of the body slows down healing. This is because we need to be able to feel what is going on to express it and move past it.

The term “being out of the body” usually means to be in a trance-like state. Or asleep. Or dead.

Being in the body is a relative condition. I don’t have any really good terms for being not in and not out. Our normal human condition flows back and forth between states of partial body awareness, sometimes more vividly connected to sensation and feeling, sometimes so focused between our ears that the body is like a vehicle for the brain.

Those who have experienced intense trauma and dissociate are different than people who are focused in their minds to the exclusion of their bodies. Trauma can brings out talents and capacities less common in people who have lived more comfortably.

Most but not all highly intuitive people and almost all psychics have been traumatized, tearing the veils between ordinary perception and direct perception of energy. By direct perception of energy, I mean awareness of what happens with energy has become nearly as obvious as looking at objects.

Some advantages of being ultra-aware of energy are:

  • Exquisite sensitivity
  • Being able to sense what is going on with people and what has happened in places
  • Feeling what others feel
  • Developing compassion
  • Natural skill at healing arts
  • Being in touch with the greater whole, like feeling the sunset and the plants growing
  • Being more easily able to merge with others
  • Access to extra information about subtle things that are going on such as when someone’s words and energy do not match

It is ideal to be in your body and also be highly aware of energy. Success blending these modes of being generally takes time and the assistance of skilled teachers, healers or guides. You need to integrate the world of energy awareness with the practical world in addition to healing from any trauma. Martial arts, qi gong and yoga can aid this goal.

Being in the body is a great and on-going goal for almost everyone! Even if you want to leave your body via intense meditation or energy practices you will find that being fully present in your body the rest of the time is a tremendous advantage.

What have you experienced with energy sensitivity?